Saturday, May 20, 2017

Love 101

The first time I laid my eyes on you, I was not informed by my senses that it's going to be you. We didn't go through that long span of courtship, thus, we became lovers that quick and we both know that it was just for fun. Later, after months and months of being together, it feels like I grew myself to love you. I didn't know it was love not until things are wanting us to hold on which somehow fears me but at the same time it's a beautiful feeling.

I didn't know what's in store for us back then but I gambled my feelings and crossing my fingers that things will work out. Somehow, they are but there were quite a few fights that were stressing us to the point where we're wanting to stop and continue our lives in separate ways. However, love is a strong force that can move mountains, so we continue our journey together.

I want to shout out that you may not be the best but you're able to stay and still keeping me and coping up with my almost everyday tantrums. You don't own any riches but you have a beautiful heart and soul (sometimes stupid, haha) and you also have me in between, lol.

Slowly, I realized that love is not just feeling that's settling in there, it's a commitment, it involves a strong decision to stay in love or to still choose you and to stay, just in case love fades. Yes, it's difficult but it's stronger than the strongest hurricane you've encountered, believe me.

                                                        our first year and few months together

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