Thursday, April 13, 2017

Long Distance Relationships and Confessions

Love could happen everyhere, it could even bloom in the midst of darkness. Oh, how happy and beautiful to be in love but what if, love itself will separate you from your beloved for some reasons? Are you willing to still keep the relationship?

Here are the confessions of some who are currently on LDR.

I am used to LDR but there are some who can never last in this kind of set up. I am five years LDR with Greg and we're still loyal and faithful to each other. We're able to do that because of our love and the promises we that we made. Another thing that we should always do is to keep the communication open. - Ana Marie Parian-Forse

My LDR experience? It's really a struggle, especially in our first year because we're used to always be together but suddenly it was taken from us when my husband, Jun has to work overseas but we manage  to always talk through Skype or FB messenger. Another struggle is the time difference, he has to stay awake a little bit late to wait for me to come online or i have to wake up early so he doesn't have to stay up late.

LDR is not going to work if there's no willpower from both parties. Love will not concquer all. They should have trust, communication and should understand the situation. Misunderstanding will sometimes come across but we're able to resolve it immediately not just through text but rather call on the phone or skype.

Usually, the reason I heard from failed LDRs is homesick and found their happiness and home from someone who is perhaps also the have same feeling like they have. But in our case, I think it's the memories of us being together that hold us on and keep us connected. We also have dreams to fulfill, so, we have to make sacrifices.

My line would always be "ok ra mamiga ka dha but at the end of the day, it's your loss not mine". Asa pa kaha ka kita ug Cherryl Galve". haha - Cherryl Hermano Galve-Vina

Love knows no distance but it's a struggle in a way that physically we're not together. Thus, the affection given is usually all virtual but it's a matter of acceptance. My mindset was conditioned that my husband is seaman, so, it went easy for me.

My husband and I has a constant communication, so, there's no gap between us. If we don't always talk, we will never get this far, hahaha.

Because of my husband's work, the people around would always say "he might be fooling you and look for someone else" or they would say "in every port report or in every place replace" hahah. It takes a lot of courage to ignore those because sometimes i think that it could happen, right? But the only choice I have is to trust him. For so long as he's not giving me any reason not to trust him, then it is still intact.

We actually already worked this out before we settle down, so, we have a very strong foundation. There were things in the past that really tested the relationship. We've already been through a lot before we get this far. We earned the respect and trust for each other not just easily given.

This year is our 6th year together as couple and 2 years as married couple (civil) and hopefully, we'll have our church wedding this year. - Sucel Claire Samoya

A wise man once said, "distance doesn't separate people, silence does" - unknown

Being in a relationship requires trust, commitment, patience, understanding and faithfulness. It's not just love that keeps the  relationship strong because love actually fades. The person you love now may not be the same person you will love in the years to come. You may realize that in the long run you fell out of love and decided to quit because it was only love that kept you together.

What if your normal relationship turns out into a distant relationship and it was only love that bind you together? Love alone doesn't keep a normal relationship, how much more will it keep a long distant relationship. If you would ask me if I believe in LDR, I would definitely answer you with a big YES, having survived for 3 years of this kind of set up. It is not easy especially during fights when one tends to just stop the communication. But you know what, if you have all the patience, understanding, trust, faithfulness and faith in the relationship, even if one tries to give up but one hangs on because of all these qualities then long distant relationship will survive - Uhmsy Ledesma

LDR might work with some but most likely would not work for many. Relationship requires physical presence, affections and time spent together where LDR can't provide. Talking over the phone and doing video calls are not sufficient in knowing and understanding the deep of each other's personality. - Rai Arbores

The distance between two loving hearts is measured by willingness to keep the relationship still, no matter how physically far they can be with each other. Being in a relationship with someone far needs more strength and power to survive from the bad things that will come their way and most of all guidance from above. I've heard stories of Long Distance Relationships, some failed but some are able to surpass the challenges. Nothing is sure but we still choose to trust.

To those couple who are planning to get separated and still willing to keep the relationship, are you also willing to take the risk and sacrifice?

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