Sunday, December 18, 2016

Special Meeting

Friends are flowers that never fade - proverb

Two weeks ago, I had a special meeting. There' s nothing special about the clothes that we'll be wearing, not even the meeting place or the the date set. What makes it special then? I'll just be meeting the people whom I shared good and bad things almost a decade ago. They are beautiful memories as I say that bond us until now. We don't see each other often but the connection that we had before still lingers and it has no plans of going away. The following photos were taken:

The photos were posted on facebook as soon as we separated. One thing I noticed was that they emphasize that we haven't seen each other in almost a decade. Seriously? We also had a thing like this in 2012, a few days before Sinulog, ring a bell? If you could hardly remember it, you might want to see this:

Just before heading home, we stopped for awhile and talked and after a minute, laughters bursted out like before. It's always good to see you all and I want more like this. I hope to see you all again :) .

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