Sunday, September 4, 2016

T Memoirs With Photos

I die everytime my heart breaks. I just recently did when I decided to leave my job in exchange of something unknown to me. Leaving my job is a risk for me bec it meant to leave the people that I came to get along with and to leave the job that I am comfortable of doing.

Lemme share to you the faces of the people that I came to work with and some of them became close to me. 

immersion days with Immersion TL Ralph (guy on bended knees)

ice breaker in the midst of our training

despidida for our SME immersion MaiMai (leftmost)

immersion days on the floor

graduation after training

league 16's (i felt so old)

TL Claire is our team lead after Immersion (the lady in green)

volunteering with Lee, Mei and Daddi Glen

Kim's despidida from left (Kim's bf, Kim, Aries, Sheena, Me, Mei and Rhoda)

TL Claire's despidida in Oslob
(me, janeth, kim, jovs, TL, mei and rhoda)

conquering Aguinid Falls

House of Edraly

Nerds going out from left: Sheena, JD, Sweet, Mitch, Mei and Me

freedom plus was launched

12th floor's on a cowBoi Thursday

hipHop thursday

with our favorite car and its owner, Ed on the mix

when in eBloc1
(TL E, Sheena, Me, Sweet, JD and Mitch)

when BRATO was mainstream on Ed's birthday

with Janeth (on a green lanyard)


superHero thursday

with Red (the only flower among the thorns)

when in Badian (insert Aries - was on a hearing)

with Team Makulay

TL Liz without her glasses on

with Rochi and TL E sa 12th

                             thank you sa adoption though walay confirmation

Team Neil nga wa si Neil pero naas JD (the guy in blue shirt)

I had a good time, I swear. The photos are for me to remember your beautiful faces. So pardon me if I have to post them and excuse my grammar. Thanks for your time, everyone. I had a blast.

ps. I just grabbed the photos

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