Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Walk I Don't Want To Remember

"I walked from Country Mall to Talamban under the pouring rain", I told my parents when I got home last Friday night. They sounded like, "Seriously?" Yes, seriously, with my sarong covering myself and my bag. I carelessly left my umbrella when I left for work.

I left from the office with a dark sky. I assumed that any minute from that moment, it's going to pour. I usually walked 500 meters from from the office to get a ride. That time, I took the detour which is quicker, I rode a public vehicle. It poured when I was about to get a ride. Lucky, I was able to get to a place to stay while it's raining.

It rained so hard and thunders and lightnings were unleashed from the angry sky. I was scared. The rain lasted for an hour. When the pouring slowed, I walk quickly to get a ride but to my surprise, the vehicles of each side of the road can't get through because it was flooding. The level is high up to your hips. I didn't know that the place floods, I reckon it's the first time to happen. I stayed for a bit longer to see more of it and to wait for a miracle: that the water level would quickly lowered down with fingers crossed. It didn't after 5 mins. So, I walked the street to get home. Had I waited, I would get home by midnight.

See, we're so sick of the hot weather and waited for the rain like a lifetime and now it's here but we're not prepared, I thought.

We should've waited with preparation but I see people are throwing and leaving their wastes wherever they want to especially on our drainage and rivers, wow. Trees are cut in hills and mountains and everywhere to develop Cebu City and they're replacing them with tall buildings and housings but without good drainage systems (sigh).

We don't want to play a blame game, so let's start to work together and sort things out for the betterment of everyone and for the future.

They say that that the city is not prepared for the rainy season, do you agree?

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