Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How Come Your Hands Can Do It But Not Mine?

I am a fan of doodles, drawings and paintings. As a fan, one time, I tried to copy a picture from a book but when it's done, it was exactly the opposite of what's on the picture. I still tried many times after that but it looked like it's not for me. So, I stopped that crap. I was frustrated and was sick by the thought that the only thing I can do are straight lines but I'm fine now, I guess, I just let it go. It always amazes me to see people who really can do it.

A couple of days ago, my eyes were shining when I saw these beautiful creations (they are really) and I was like "how come your hands can do it but not mine?"☹️. I was back again with the same frustration but I let it go quickly by taking a photo of them.



Behind the beautiful things up there, are the hands of beautiful faces, Mei on the left and Ada on the other side. More to go please. #photoGrabbed

cousins goal

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