Friday, May 27, 2016

Moch And Aquin

I saw her dancing with her man, their faces were covered with joy. I was watching from behind the plants in front of their house. Random guests went to dance with them. I was wanting to dance with her but I didn't. 

It was a successful event though it was too hot. After the wedding ceremony in their nearest church, guests went to their house which was the venue for the food and the program.

Seriously, I didn't dance with her because I didn't even have the smallest amount of bill(money) to hook up on her dress, haha (just kidding.) Seriously, it's because I knew that we'd be flooded with my tears if I do so. I was just overwhelmed and so happy for her and there was this thing at that moment that took me to the first time that we met and to random times that we're together and I'm just so happy that we're still good friends until now. Thanks for acting like an older sister though I'm a year older and no matter how stupid and bad I could get, you never left. So, in return I sent myself to witness the very first edition of the next chapter of your life.

Enjoy the ride!

I just want to say that I'm just a text or chat or call away, just in case. Thought you should know.

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