Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kidapaws - Lives vs Rice

"Bugas dli bala, bugas dli pulis, bugas dli bombero", cried by the Kidapawan farmers to their local government officials because they were starving to death.

I saw the news on facebook but I ignored this for the first two days because I thought it was nothing but it looks like this is something more serious compared to the posts I came across on facebook after I hit the play button. The farmers were standing side by side with their shields made of wood (not sure though if it was made of wood). Across them were the policemen on their uniforms with all of the things that they need for protection. They came closer to each other and they clashed and I heard loud sounds of guns. There's no clue who was it from or who made the first shot but I saw farmers on the ground bleeding. Then, the next thing I knew was hundreds of sacks of rice were flooding for donation.

These people were starving. They're begging and it's not a crime. I don't know what's the process of the government to give these farmers what they want and I also don't understand why should it took lives before they get what they're solely begging for. If they can't afford to give them what they want in just a span of time, they could've asked for help from higher officials or look for a temporary solution.

Tears were streaming down my face in the midst of the video because it breaks my heart to see them being treated like that. I was worried of their kids crying to sleep and waking up the next day still nothing to eat. Would you want this to happen to your family? No, right? So, when are we willing to do what's right for humanity? Everytime I see or hear this kind of thing, I always end up with, why it's so hard to be kind?

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