Thursday, March 17, 2016

How Often Do You Pray?

I placed my customer on a silent hold on the other line, I laid my back on the chair as I was modifying her mobile service and i was like, "Lord, thank You for making things light for me these past few days".

It's one of the ordinary days that I pray any time of the day. I don't usually go to church, I'm a sinner, I make mistakes and I don't deny that but I pray regularly and what I always ask from Him is to keep my faith in Him no matter what.

How often do you pray?

Sunday, March 13, 2016


I honestly don't know what's her age but Happiest Birthday to my Lola Patring, one of the strongest woman that I know in the entire universe. This was taken on my last visit to her and the only photo we had though I visited her oftentimes, didn't have the courage to do so, thought she's going to decline but she looked at the camera. I'll have another time to see you again, soon La. You take care and God Bless :)

I know it's too early to greet you but i was just too excited to shout it out 🤗.

The Truth About Mr. Cancer

I came across with this short and very informative link from my facebook news feed and you guys might want to share your time by clicking on the play button and listen carefully for this would help us, perhaps, live longer and enjoy and explore.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

NSTP2 - For A Good Cause

I found myself dragging up to a high hill almost every Saturday of the second semester which would really sweat us out. I'm doing this for our NSTP2 class and I reckon our class has the farthest area assignment yet we're good.

Before the semester ends, we're asked to write a reflection of what we've learned and it has to submitted next meeting. So here it goes.

I haven't learned a lot but there's quite a few things that I realized and that I should've had realized it long before.

I've always wanted to join a community service but never had a chance or perhaps I was too lazy to get involved with or didn't have enough courage to do so. So, the chance was given to me, which I can't excuse myself anymore and it's really a good experience. Though, it's very tiring every service, I found a sense of happiness and fulfillment especially if you see them happy of what we're doing and also if you've let your generosity flow with it.

Each class was divided by a group and each group has an assignment in the area and our group was assigned for literacy for kids which is more fun to me. And slowly, I saw myself like them when I was their age and I remember that being a kid was the one of the best moments of my life. I enjoyed every piece of it though there were bad times but they were being completely covered by the good times that I had.

our group was assigned for literacy


kids on their snacks after the session

If there's a chance for me to continue doing this thing, I would love to do it with people or with children who's almost have nothing with them. It always tear my heart out to see people like them, and the most thing that I can do is to give them the food or the bottled water that I have in my bag or worse is to only watch them being like that and pray for them (sighs).

Have you also had a learning experience where you are helpless?

ps. i carelessly deleted all the photos that i took on our last visit, :(

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