Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fire Prevention and Rescue 101

"Bombero, bombero, may sunog. Saan? Saan? Saan? Sa number 1." This is a song I've learned way back in my early years and I just remembered this when I was thinking of our little talk about Fire and Emergency Rescue in school today and it was an information that we all should know about.

Our speaker was Fire Officer 1 Oliver Ray Samaro, he's a registered nurse and now a firefighter, being one is what he always dreamed of doing. However, they are being bash because most of the times they're idle. They should be if there's no fire and who wants to have their houses burn into ashes?

In the event of fire, keep calm but do you know which number to dial? Dial 160, after they answer your call they have to verify this to the nearest police station in the area (some are prank callers) and it takes almost five minutes or more to confirm if there's really fire.

A typical fire truck holds water that could only last for 6 minutes, sorry it's obviously limited. So, they have to look for a 

There are three elements that should be present to create a fire, they are OXYGEN, HEAT and FUEL. Absence of any of the three won't create or will stop the fire.


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