Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saved By My Alarm Clock

I had this terrible experience recently and I just want to share what it's like...

I was travelling with my friends somewhere far. We're riding in a PUJ with other passengers. I found myself eating the last piece of doughnut in a box. There's a mother-like woman who asked the PUJ driver to pull over because she had reached her destination and she pulled the box right below where I seated. She got mad when she saw that the box was empty. She looked at me furiously claiming that the box of doughnut was hers. I confidently said that it's mine and I took the last bite. But deep inside, I was confused if it's mine or not but i've eaten 'em all. She went down from the PUJ with the empty box. And I started to worry about being attacked because we don't know the people there and i was very cautious wherever we went and I always look back perhaps she's following us ready to attack. Suddenly, I heard a loud sound and I woke up. It was my alarm clock set to alarm @ 5am on my basic phone (I don't remember setting it up). I went up and and turn it off and that crazy feeling from my dream ended too. And I went back to sleep again.

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