Thursday, January 28, 2016

Team Makulay

       This photo is one of my favorite photos with them. So sad, we're not together anymore. Anyways, I  had a good time and had meself laughed out loud with ya'll . Jeez ;)

p.s.i don't own the photo above, credits to the owner

Monday, January 18, 2016

Sinulog Duty

  'Twas a Saturday afternoon (January 16, 2016) when I spent 2 hours under the scorching heat of the sun for our Blessed Sto. Niño and for my NSTP attendance with 1000 ml of cold water(but still not enough).

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saved By My Alarm Clock

I had this terrible experience recently and I just want to share what it's like...

I was travelling with my friends somewhere far. We're riding in a PUJ with other passengers. I found myself eating the last piece of doughnut in a box. There's a mother-like woman who asked the PUJ driver to pull over because she had reached her destination and she pulled the box right below where I seated. She got mad when she saw that the box was empty. She looked at me furiously claiming that the box of doughnut was hers. I confidently said that it's mine and I took the last bite. But deep inside, I was confused if it's mine or not but i've eaten 'em all. She went down from the PUJ with the empty box. And I started to worry about being attacked because we don't know the people there and i was very cautious wherever we went and I always look back perhaps she's following us ready to attack. Suddenly, I heard a loud sound and I woke up. It was my alarm clock set to alarm @ 5am on my basic phone (I don't remember setting it up). I went up and and turn it off and that crazy feeling from my dream ended too. And I went back to sleep again.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


When you see yourself so used to be with them but suddenly that is being taken away from you due to changes that took place, I rarely see them now (sad).

These photos are to remind myself that once in my life I belong and these faces made me feel that way. Thank you guys.

from left: Sheena, JD, Sweet, Mitch, Mei and Me

from left: Me, Rhoda, Aries and Mei

a dinner with Kim

ps. i don't own any of the photos above

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