Friday, October 30, 2015

ACHIEVED (Anne and Greg)

Anne, our friend announced that she's getting married and we'll be part of it. Being part of it means you're going to wear something that I'm not used to wear and all those colored stuffs for your face which I'm not comfortable of doing yet I did (my pleasure ann, y char, haha). I never knew that it's just that. They're preparing their marriage apart, she was in Taiwan and her fiance was in Canada which was a bit difficult for them to have all these stuffs done. So we had our Bayanihan101. We relied so much on facebook to communicate with her to have all these stuff get ready. So, the following photos were the preparation that we had (other preparations were made by Ann's family), on the wedding day and after .

looking for entourage gowns courtesy of  jaja, mafey and william

we designed the invitation through photoshop and was transferred to corel draw to have it printed

Temple of Leah and Best Western Sandbar were two of the venues they've chosen for their prenup shots courtesy of our photographer Dave and two of our beautiful mates Maffey and Jaja

and we made a slideshow out of the shoots that they had through sony vegas


tokens baby

                        on their wedding day

Anne and Greg on their  wedding ceremony

the emcees jaja and william

karen for the invocation and ronan on the right has a message for them on behalf of the tripperz and tears volunteered to fall on some faces

                                            william and ann's friend were singing together       our gift for them carved with their names on it

their beautiful friend from Canada, Mandy

   and finally on the next day, we had our dinner as a token of appreciation from the couple

our photo together with the groom's friend, Mandy

our photo with the smiles beautifully painted on each faces and in a little while we said each other our goodbyes which is always the saddest part but hey, we had a good time
and cheers to the newly wed. :)

PS. I don't own the photos, just grabbed them from their facebook accounts, well, 'xcept for the vegas and the invitation :)

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