Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Younger Years Were Priceless

I came home too early from work and I fell asleep when I was awoke by the loud noises of the kids playing outside. I was a annoyed by it and I was wanting to get up but I tried not to and was wanting to get back to sleep. As I was trying my luck to fall asleep again and tried to ignore the noises outside, suddenly, time flew me back when I and my friends were making the same noises on the same ground. I tried to ignore that thought.

I tried to ignore that thought but somehow there's a bit of a pinch in my heart. I saw us and it's like we're loving life and I can't see any marks of negativity in the air and I realized that those younger years were amazing. We're outside playing from morning till afternoon and goes home in the midst of the day for lunch during summer and we only had the afternoon to play when it's school days. We've got loads of different outdoor games before and we can play a single game for an hour or two and we sweat all day long and smelled like we never had a bath for a week and we didn't care because we're literally having fun and having a good time. And we laughed out loud until we're gasping for air to breathe and those noises echoed in the neighborhood until now. And what we're only worried about was when the sun rested in the west mountains suggesting us to go home and retire. The young years of my life were the coolest experience I had in the past and they were priceless and they can't be exchanged for anything.

Did you also have a good time in your younger years? How was it like before?

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