Sunday, September 13, 2015

finally, i was able to use it

i don't own this photo

earlier this evening,i went to see my friends in a videoke house. when i got inside, there were two men and a lady standing beside the cashier stati0n. one of the men called out my name, as if he was surprised to see me. i was surprised too. i do quite remember his face and his voice but where did i meet this man?

i didn't give him an idea that i wasn't sure what's his name. as he was talking, i f0und out that we used to work in the same c0mpany bef0re but i still d0n't recall his name. i wanted to ask w/o offending him. so, i was like "what's y0ur name?". i was praying that he would tell me his last name first bec that's how I used to call them, luckily he did and i was like "noooh, i mean your first name" and he said it without knowing that i just remembered his complete name after he mentioned it. i heaved an imaginary big sigh after that. so, i have his c0mplete name w/o him having a clue that somehow i forgot his complete name. i bade him goodbye quickly because i figured i was in a wrong videoke house.

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