Friday, July 17, 2015

You Are Special

If you happen to ask yourself if you're special and your answer is NO and you don't even feel like you are, well, then you must've been wrong all this time. Being special is not always at anyone's comfort. It is when you look yourself in the mirror and there you are standing in front yourself beautifully shaped by the time. You are special with all of your flaws attached to your being.

Each individual is made by his own uniqueness. So, you as a person is different from the rest. The thing is, what makes you more special is that you are created by God Himself like His image and along with it is His love for you. You are special with whatever you are right now. It's so sad that some people have no idea that they are and they end up wasting the opportunity of being special.

God's greatest gift to us is the life that we have now. Life's journey is not easy, it's bumpy and it's a crooked road ahead and you got to learn how to ride with it. Along the way, you will be molded the way you never thought you would be. And as you look again in the mirror, there you see the man who have gone through a lot and yet still standing firm and humble. Basically, all of what you are or all of what you're made of makes you special. So acknowledge your being for you are one true special.

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