Monday, March 23, 2015

Sumilon Island

it is the warmest time of the day but I can't say NO to this body of water that surr0unds the island and my being. i d0n't want to get out fr0m d water bec it was the m0st beautiful feeling at the time being though i always wish to escape every inch of sun's heat.

indeed, the unrelenting heat of the sun was making us fragile and yet we can't aff0rd to decline the water's alluring beauty. th0ugh the waves are way bigger and are pushing y0u sideward, i still can't resist its charm.

and all u can see acr0ss the island are m0untain ranges and blue waters. darn, it is so beautiful. i d0n't want to blink my eyes for i want to see its beauty every sec0nd.

finally, they decided to go h0me and so i let go of my obsessi0n.

PS. Ed's (colleague) family who's preparing our meals while in Oslob has a smell of amazing hospitality. Thanks a lot.

PS1. TL, the photo above is what you've suggested, thanks

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