Monday, March 16, 2015

Aguinid Falls

lemme tell you a very short story:

photos by Janeth Destura

Once a upon a time, there was a young man named Aguinid. One day, he was looking for firewoods but he got lost somewhere here (see photos above)  and was never found. So, this falls was named after him, Aguinid falls (thanks sa info Rhod).

So, the thing that we had there was extremely fun, exciting and hilarious. It is hiliarious because we had no idea what's the waterfalls looks like and what adventure to expect, no we never even bothered to get the name of the falls just so to google it. We even thought that it's just around the corners of Oslob but it's two towns away; we went through Santander, the southern most part of Cebu and then to Samboan, where it's situated.

When we got there, we parked the vehicle in the most side of their basketball court so locals can play on the other side. Then, there was this little girl who came running to us and greeted us with her biggest smile and loundest "hi" and she even raised her right hand and with those tiny fingers and palm suggesting for a high five and with amazement I raised my hand to meet hers. I was flabbergasted and I was like "is she sure?". Yep, she is. I asked her mom about her politeness and she's like "she does the same thing to every visitor, she may know them or not." She made a difference so I took the chance of taking her a couple of photos.

As we move along, we found out that this falls has 6 levels, from 0 to 5. It involves a lot of climbing on huge rocks where the water is falling.

photos by Janeth Destura

The water is greenish blue and cold and clean and all you wanna do is swim because there's this gravity that pulls you to the water.

There are a couple of wall rocks to climb, it may not seemed easy but you'll be left behind if you don't dare yourself to and you'll miss the thing called adventure. On level 5, we climb on a wall rock. It's somehow difficult. Why? You have to climb where the water is falling on your face, you could hardly see as you need to look for handholder and footholder on the wall to lift yourself up. I earned a scratch on my left knee bec the guide asked me to get into this little passage without telling me how to, (haaaaay kuya ntawn).

Nevertheless, I had a great time and the photos that we took would surely tell that we really had one.

photos of our guides and our TL on her white shirt

PS. The guides are very accomodating, really.


  1. I'm so marveled with your courage to write and share your experience. Keep writing. Keep that passion burning. You're an inspiration. Indeed, Aguinid falls is extremely beautiful.


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