Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Club 16

I am trying to write something out of this photo but it seems like i’m running out of words. Yeah, where do I begin? Oh, lemme begin with the word TEAM. I never seriously take the word team not until I met those faces. I can’t exactly figure out what adjective is suitable to describe our team but I should say that the word should be BRILLIANT, how’s that sound to you? (assuming?)

Assuming, it could be but it’s true, I find it brilliant. The company and the people I worked with are brilliant. I really had a great time during training and immersion, though there were days that were pulling me down together with my stats. There were times that I forgot the world because I’m so hooked up with something that I want to learn and focused on things that I want to get done. Yet, the weariness eludes because I’m having fun, really. It feels like time sweeps away in just a single snap when you’re having fun.

Yep, indeed it’s fun. I’ve learned lots of games to play, haha, thank you Derrick. Nah seriously, thank you for being that wonderful, we are quite a bit spoiled brats yet you stayed cool. Thank you for always dropping by in our station, we appreciate that (or you are dropping for someone, naaaks, joke lang).

To Abbi, who took the class for two days when Derrick was away, we enjoyed it and we had fun. You are awesome, thanks Abbi.

Now, I find it hard how to start the billing thing. You might wanna know why. Numbers are so easy to read out BUT explaining the bill itself is hell, really it is. However, we had our trainers Webster and Marlex, who were doing their best to make billing easier but since it took me more time to learn or understand the bill, so good luck nako. Thank you Web and Lex.

I don’t wanna write anymore, I feel so sleepy and my brain is starting to move slow. But there are quite a few people that perhaps I’m going to miss out if I’m going to post this without their names. It’s actually, completely incomplete without them.

Yeah, I’m stuck with where to start, where should I start then? Hmmmm, I wanna start with damo gid. Damo gid, it’s an Ilonggo term, damo means many and gid is just simply to emphasize more of the word many (chakto ba?). I’d like to believe that Ilonggo is relevant to our 2 SMEs (bec they are), Mai and Janeth. SME is Subject Matter Expert or it could be smart and expert and gorgeous, hehe. They’ve played a big role in our success. They’ve imparted their knowledge and skills to us. I’ve learned a lot from them, as in literally damo gid. Thank you guys for always helping us out from every hard calls. And oh, thanks to Grace as well, who took Mai's place (Mai went home in Bacolod unexpectedly a few days before we had the graduation) when she went back home.

Let’s go with Ralph. Yeah, what’s with Ralph? Immersion Team Lead for League 16? Uh, huh. Ooookay, so what else should there be? Yeah, what else? With Ralph, hmmmmm, I should say that he is extraordinarily great. He can motivate you with of his bragging rights. You have to do your best because of his bragging rights again. Pero seriously bitaw, we are very glad and grateful that we had you as our Team Lead for Immersion. You deserve your bragging rights, dude.

Kudos to y’all. We won’t be here without your guidance, efforts and most of all your patience. League 16, we are lucky with their combination. The people that got into our way as we moved along towards the end of training and immersion are exceptionally BRILLIANT and so are we.

When I look back from day zero until this day, haha, it’s somehow tough but I had a wonderful time. A friendship was created behind our shared our smiles, tears, confusions and laughters. It dawned to me that I wasn’t placed in a wrong place, haha. We maybe in different teams and different scheds now but this isn’t a goodbye. I’ll see you around.


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