Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Animé Addiction

I was scrolling on my facebook homepage when I came across a friend’s post of a photo of Dragon Ball Z. So, it all came to me the memories of how fanatic I was of the series. I think it was shown on weekdays on one of the local channels in the Philippines at 7:00PM Manila Time. There were times that I came late from school or from where I’d been, so it means I had to find a place nearby that might tuned in on that channel and suddenly I found myself standing tiptoed at the back of taller folks just to watch it.

Ghost Fighter and Flame of Recca are on the list too. The memories of how I pasted my collection of playing cards of both series on a drawing book are still vivid. I was very pleased looking on all those cards each time I flipped the page. I brought my collection to school and bragged them to my friends and classmates. I wish I can show them to you but I misplaced it, it’s been a while, you know. I even tried to list down the names of each fighter in every fight they had in Ghost Fighter and listed Recca's 7 dragons, haha. I know how to sing each theme song before each series of the episode begins. I can sing them to you if you wanna hear it ☻.

Yet, the kid in me still lies within and they will always be my number one favorites, though I have watched quite a few series of animé after them. I never get tired of watching them and just about an hour ago, I watched them the whole day on Youtube and the excitements are all the same here like they were before.

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