Friday, March 7, 2014

Late Response

Due to the request of someone who's like a sister to me, I posted this. I prefer it here rather on facebook bec i have a few viewers here though i find this photo cool and sexy? Sexy because Aiyan took this photo. Anyhow, the top i was wearing was Cheche’s aka Spidey Christmas gift to me and that's what makes it more special, along with it are 3 pair of slippers, one for me and the other two are for my parents. There's a bit pressure when she asked me to post this on facebook or send it to her email and she'll post it for me. I declined both of her suggestions, haha, though, it's perhaps disappointing to her, hope it's not. I'm glad that she chased it once, so it took me more than a couple of months to post this on my end.

I'm very delighted to have found a friend like you, kinda rare you know. If things will change one day, I will not forbid you not to but don't you dare ditch me without you even telling it to me in the first place.

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