Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Say Hello To The New Year

There are few minutes left before the year ends. I just wanna say that this year may not one of the best yet it gives me a lot. There’s a lot to mention and I wanna thank God for everything, may it be good or bad. For the good leaves memories that I would treasure and always remember them in the future; and the bad has help me find options and how and what could I do better.

One of the things that I am grateful for is my relationship to the people around me. I could be harsh sometimes but these people are kind to me. I am just saddened by a few people whom I thought know me have turned their backs on me and decided to stop whatever we had no matter how I tried to fix things. I don’t blame them for they are just humans who want to get rid of people like me. Nevertheless, I still have a few people who have high tolerance of my rudeness, thank you guys. I am not sure when can I pay you back my kindness but one day I will and rest assured each of you has a special place in my heart and you guys know who are.

Each passing year is giving me an experience that leads me to who I am today. It’s giving me lessons that are hard to learn, that I really have to see it myself for me to learn. I’m carrying these lessons up until the end of time and if I have the chance to share these lessons I always grab it.

And may this year will bring us to the places where we want to be and will give us good health physically, emotionally and spiritually. For being this healthy would help us pursue the things that we want to do. Happy New Year To All.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


photo by william

this is no one's birthday. this is An's farewell party, it might take like years to see her again. it feels like it was just yesterday when she came back 3 or 4 months ago and now she's leaving again.

photo by davide

the photo above was when we had a dinner in Lantaw Busay courtesy of An. she just got home and we're so excited to see her. we're so loud though we're starving and i don't know, we are just happy to see each other again, especially An whom we haven't seen for ages.

photo by davide

we crossed the 2hour sail for Camotes Island. it's Tripperz 4th Anniversay and we're thinking that going there would complete the cast bec Floi is just some meters away from the place that we rented, however, time did not allow us to see her and we understand why she can't join us. Camotes is indeed a beautiful place, it's like any other province. Tranquility lives in the place with its white sand beaches and small waves running to and fro. Before dark successfully conquered daylight on a Saturday, we played 2 of the outdoor games that involves running that we used to play when we're younger. Wow, we're shouting and it was so tiring and we felt so old bec we're catching our breath/s, haha and yet it felt so good.

photo by davide

william and jaja are always celebrating their birthday together and it's with us again. we stayed in Cordova Home Village, we rock the Happy Museum, we dined in Lantaw Cordova, courtesy of Jaja and William, we plunge ourselves in the pool for an hour and landed in our beds before midnight would say hello.

in the back of my mind earlier while we were singing out the words in K1 Family KTV, i know that in any minute now, we'll part our ways again. we paused a bunch of moments by capturing photos bec it's so frustrating when you knew that you can't stop the time even just for awhile and all you can do is just stand there and waiting for them to hug you. I don't wanna do that. Because you know what, the hugs earlier are just simply means goodbye and it's annoying, really. And yet, I am looking forward to be in their company again in the future.

yep, we bade goodbye to each other and so i dragged myself to ride a PUJ to get home, eat my dinner and locking myself to my PC and will post this in awhile.

from left: ronan, an, me, william, jaja, dave, mafe, karen and del
photo by jaja

PS: An, take care of yourself, enjoy the ride of life and God Bless, we love you!!!

PS2: CT is Certified Tripperz, I just can't think of what's a good title; i don't think CT is good, however, i found curiosity in the two letter title. And oh, i'm not sure of the word Certified but that's how we call ourselves, we grew into that so kevz.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Club 16

I am trying to write something out of this photo but it seems like i’m running out of words. Yeah, where do I begin? Oh, lemme begin with the word TEAM. I never seriously take the word team not until I met those faces. I can’t exactly figure out what adjective is suitable to describe our team but I should say that the word should be BRILLIANT, how’s that sound to you? (assuming?)

Assuming, it could be but it’s true, I find it brilliant. The company and the people I worked with are brilliant. I really had a great time during training and immersion, though there were days that were pulling me down together with my stats. There were times that I forgot the world because I’m so hooked up with something that I want to learn and focused on things that I want to get done. Yet, the weariness eludes because I’m having fun, really. It feels like time sweeps away in just a single snap when you’re having fun.

Yep, indeed it’s fun. I’ve learned lots of games to play, haha, thank you Derrick. Nah seriously, thank you for being that wonderful, we are quite a bit spoiled brats yet you stayed cool. Thank you for always dropping by in our station, we appreciate that (or you are dropping for someone, naaaks, joke lang).

To Abbi, who took the class for two days when Derrick was away, we enjoyed it and we had fun. You are awesome, thanks Abbi.

Now, I find it hard how to start the billing thing. You might wanna know why. Numbers are so easy to read out BUT explaining the bill itself is hell, really it is. However, we had our trainers Webster and Marlex, who were doing their best to make billing easier but since it took me more time to learn or understand the bill, so good luck nako. Thank you Web and Lex.

I don’t wanna write anymore, I feel so sleepy and my brain is starting to move slow. But there are quite a few people that perhaps I’m going to miss out if I’m going to post this without their names. It’s actually, completely incomplete without them.

Yeah, I’m stuck with where to start, where should I start then? Hmmmm, I wanna start with damo gid. Damo gid, it’s an Ilonggo term, damo means many and gid is just simply to emphasize more of the word many (chakto ba?). I’d like to believe that Ilonggo is relevant to our 2 SMEs (bec they are), Mai and Janeth. SME is Subject Matter Expert or it could be smart and expert and gorgeous, hehe. They’ve played a big role in our success. They’ve imparted their knowledge and skills to us. I’ve learned a lot from them, as in literally damo gid. Thank you guys for always helping us out from every hard calls. And oh, thanks to Grace as well, who took Mai's place (Mai went home in Bacolod unexpectedly a few days before we had the graduation) when she went back home.

Let’s go with Ralph. Yeah, what’s with Ralph? Immersion Team Lead for League 16? Uh, huh. Ooookay, so what else should there be? Yeah, what else? With Ralph, hmmmmm, I should say that he is extraordinarily great. He can motivate you with of his bragging rights. You have to do your best because of his bragging rights again. Pero seriously bitaw, we are very glad and grateful that we had you as our Team Lead for Immersion. You deserve your bragging rights, dude.

Kudos to y’all. We won’t be here without your guidance, efforts and most of all your patience. League 16, we are lucky with their combination. The people that got into our way as we moved along towards the end of training and immersion are exceptionally BRILLIANT and so are we.

When I look back from day zero until this day, haha, it’s somehow tough but I had a wonderful time. A friendship was created behind our shared our smiles, tears, confusions and laughters. It dawned to me that I wasn’t placed in a wrong place, haha. We maybe in different teams and different scheds now but this isn’t a goodbye. I’ll see you around.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Birthday Present For Myself

Today is my birthday, thank you Lord for the gift of life. So, i have these fantastic bonus for myself. I haven't read for a while now seriously and i think imma heat up the words on those pages.

-to be continued...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Animé Addiction

I was scrolling on my facebook homepage when I came across a friend’s post of a photo of Dragon Ball Z. So, it all came to me the memories of how fanatic I was of the series. I think it was shown on weekdays on one of the local channels in the Philippines at 7:00PM Manila Time. There were times that I came late from school or from where I’d been, so it means I had to find a place nearby that might tuned in on that channel and suddenly I found myself standing tiptoed at the back of taller folks just to watch it.

Ghost Fighter and Flame of Recca are on the list too. The memories of how I pasted my collection of playing cards of both series on a drawing book are still vivid. I was very pleased looking on all those cards each time I flipped the page. I brought my collection to school and bragged them to my friends and classmates. I wish I can show them to you but I misplaced it, it’s been a while, you know. I even tried to list down the names of each fighter in every fight they had in Ghost Fighter and listed Recca's 7 dragons, haha. I know how to sing each theme song before each series of the episode begins. I can sing them to you if you wanna hear it ☻.

Yet, the kid in me still lies within and they will always be my number one favorites, though I have watched quite a few series of animé after them. I never get tired of watching them and just about an hour ago, I watched them the whole day on Youtube and the excitements are all the same here like they were before.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Late Response

Due to the request of someone who's like a sister to me, I posted this. I prefer it here rather on facebook bec i have a few viewers here though i find this photo cool and sexy? Sexy because Aiyan took this photo. Anyhow, the top i was wearing was Cheche’s aka Spidey Christmas gift to me and that's what makes it more special, along with it are 3 pair of slippers, one for me and the other two are for my parents. There's a bit pressure when she asked me to post this on facebook or send it to her email and she'll post it for me. I declined both of her suggestions, haha, though, it's perhaps disappointing to her, hope it's not. I'm glad that she chased it once, so it took me more than a couple of months to post this on my end.

I'm very delighted to have found a friend like you, kinda rare you know. If things will change one day, I will not forbid you not to but don't you dare ditch me without you even telling it to me in the first place.

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