Saturday, August 17, 2013

Incheon Masters Invaded Cebu

Once a upon a time, I was a teacher. It sounds odd to me because teaching is far from what I want to do but with my curiosity, i tried just to gain experience. I couldn't imagine myself teaching but for two weeks, I found myself teaching foreign students, specifically Koreans.

These young boys and girls are 17 years old in Korea. They are naive, gentle and polite. Yet, it wasn't still easy, really. However, I wanted to prove to myself that somehow I can, so I continued.

It's an ESL Summer Camp, teaching English language is way too difficult for me since I'm not a teacher by profession but I still want to pursue it. I consider it as a challenge instead of pampering the negative feelings. I've met more than 20 students, most of them are boys with different personalities, abilities and behavior so I had to be flexible and I had to lengthen my patience. There was once in my 2 in 1 class when one student was behaving impolitely, 'twas not the first time he did that in my class. I tried to pacify him but he seemed very aggressive so I ignored him and I focused on discussing the lesson to his mate. But my tears wanted to gush from the corners of my eyes because somehow I failed to help him.

Indeed, it was tough but it's fun. As I was teaching, I learned many things, I gained friends and I grew up in a way I didn't expect.

To the students, you taught me things without you knowing it and it is the attitude of keep going even if you are on the hardest part of what you are doing. I've witnessed your perseverance even in a span of time and you showed me exactly what must one do to succeed. I'm glad that once in my life we've met and may you keep the things that I shared to you and may you share it to others as well.

And to my colleagues, i may have not witnessed everything you've done in the camp but i've witnessed your dedication to your job even if it's perhaps the shortest period of contract you've ever signed. From teaching your students to getting the grades of your children, from the floor then down to have your lunch and bugging "kuya" for an extra rice. And for these I say, weeeeeeeeew! Congrats to all of us, we've made it possible, though not perfect but it's almost, wasn't it?

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