Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bantayan Island

I was sitting next to Jaja on a bus on a Saturday morning. I was munching an apple for my stomach was craving for an early lunch. It might take us past 12 noon to reach Bantayan Island. We traveled to the north side because it is located in the northeast of Cebu.

We had a roro to bring us in the island. It sailed for almost an hour though the waves were calm. As we slowly approached the island, I could see white sands in the horizon. The island is indeed covered with white sands. We strolled the place after we secured our things to the small place that we rented. We took the road on our way to have our lunch and we headed to the shore on our way back to our place. We walked almost a kilometer yet the sound of the water as it splashed on the shore was very rewarding. I stepped on the soft white sand leaving my foot marks. As I look back, they were erased by the sea water when it reached them. The sky was the bluest with the white clouds painted in different forms. The sky reflected its color to the water, it blued like it never had been blued before. It seemed like there was a magnetic force pulling me towards the water to swim. And the sea breeze was warm on the last week of summer.

We rented a boat the day after. We went to a few islands nearby. We snorkeled. The island is unspoiled for the sea corals are protected.

The sun rested and so were we. I heard roaring thunders in the midst of our sleep and a bit worried because we will leave the island first thing in the morning. But thank God, the bad weather subsided and we headed to the port for another roro back to cross the sea. And another bus back to the reality.

ps. photos were grabbed from Jaja and Dave

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