Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baguio City

we dressed like the natives
(photo grabbed from Dave's)

It was one rainy afternoon when I found myself, Jaja and Dave running across the street of IT Park. We need a print out and a payment of our booked ticket for Manila. I was not feeling well after I dried myself, however, it was all worth it.

 Manila was not our primary destination, it was the City of Baguio. We traveled by Victory Liner bus for round about 8 hours. It was an AC bus with a wifi connection. As we go along the way, we had bus stops where there are wash rooms and pantries.

I just found out a few places before we reached Baguio. We passed Tarlac, Pangasinan and La Union; I have something to add on to my geography class. After passing La Union, I could see moist on the window glass next to my face. It’s telling me that we are so near. I also noticed that the bus was climbing and it was starting to move slowly.  And there are quite a few kilometers before we could reach Baguio City. We passed on road cliffs, curve lanes and I could see mountains afar.

The passengers were starting to desert the bus when we reached the terminal. I already felt and smelled the different air breeze that greeted me when I had my first step on their ground. The weather was not offensive for the air was cold, it was very pleasing.

We arrived late in the afternoon in a small inn. We freshened up a bit. We strolled at SM Baguio until the very cold dark night suggested us to have a dinner. You would prefer to stay inside the mall for it is warm. I was freezing the whole time we were outside.

On the next day, we went out so early in the morning. I took a bath as fast as I could for the place that we rented were lack of facilities, the water and the weather frozened me. And under the heat of the sun, I could still wear my jacket without sweating. The place is the very opposite of Cebu. Cebu is mostly warm and the warmest during summer. So, I’ve always wanted to see what's the weather like in Baguio City.

Then we started to crash the Baguio’s tourist destinations, like The Mansion House, Cathedral Baguio, Old Diplomat Hotel, Panagbenga Park and Good Shepherd Baguio. We strolled Camp John Hay, Burnham Park, Mines View Park. Dave and Jaja had the chance to see the PMA inside because they brought their ID’s with them while Ronan, William and I were left outside because we left ours.

We wished to visit the whole place but time goes fast when you are having fun. So we took a bus late at night for Manila.

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