Saturday, April 27, 2013

like a treasure

spidey ug ako

gegei ug ako

One of the things that I talked about in my previous post was how grateful I am that God had given me the opportunity to meet some precious people on earth.

So, this goes out to the two wonderful individuals who have been so good to me. Yes, I know I’ve been so bad to you sa una pa gyud. Yet, thank you for staying still even if I’ve shown you how worst I could be, not the easy one to handle and to befriend. I may not be the desired friend you wish to have but I appreciate everything about you. You’re being a good listener even to my most non sense mode. You are happy when I am happy and sad when I am. You’ve shared how beautiful you are as person and I’m very glad that somehow I am part of your lives. We have our own lives to look after so we don’t always see each other  and not talk to each other often but the special places in my heart will always be provided for you, hala pag dasok mo diri, ahahaha..

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