Saturday, April 20, 2013

gitara ko at ako

My guitar and I have been together for a long time now and it's still working and playing for me. I have this  since I was 14 and started using it. My father bought it for me hoping that I would be interested to play and sing. He's somehow right. I play and sing every now and then. But there are times that the passion fades because I have left with no time to do it. Nevertheless, I still find time to play after my fingers had gotten a long rest. And soon my fingers hurt, it just reminds me of how long I haven't played my guitar and how I played it so often before.

This is not the most beautiful song i've recorded, i knew that. I remember I was half-sick, I was clearing my throat and I was about to cough but I tried to stop it and I was delighted that I did. I don't sing and play well and I'm not hoping for your flattering comments but rather your little time to listen or even read this, at least just for awhile.

P.S. critics are very welcome!

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