Saturday, April 27, 2013

trivia tungkol kay nida

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Nagkakilala kami nung naging mag kapitbahay kami, naging magkatabi pa ang bahay namin. Hindi kami masyadong nag babonding nung nag aaral pa kami kasi bihira lang siyang lumabas ng bahay, hanggang ngayon din naman, eh. Nagsimula kaming mag bonding nung natapos na namin 'yung pag aaral namin pero hindi rin nagtagal 'yun dahil pumunta siya sa Maynila para magtrabaho. It took more than three years para magtiis na mawalay sa kanyang pamilya para lang makatulong sa kanila, in short responsable at pamilya niya ang inuuna niya.

Tahimik siya most of the times lalo na pag hindi niya kilala ang tao pero pag 'yan nakapagsimulang mag ingay,  mas maingay pa siya sa akin. Fashionista po siya at mahilig mag ayos sa sarili at kung magmahal wagas, hahhahaha..

Belated happy birthday, Nid!

Ada Marie Manatad's

My projects in high school were mostly drawn by my classmates. I can't draw even the simplest things except for the shapes and the lines. But one summer, I tried to copy one of the cartoon characters in the playing cards until I left myself frustrated. So, I never tried again.

credits to the beautiful Ada Marie Manatad
ps, i don't own the photo

like a treasure

spidey ug ako

gegei ug ako

One of the things that I talked about in my previous post was how grateful I am that God had given me the opportunity to meet some precious people on earth.

So, this goes out to the two wonderful individuals who have been so good to me. Yes, I know I’ve been so bad to you sa una pa gyud. Yet, thank you for staying still even if I’ve shown you how worst I could be, not the easy one to handle and to befriend. I may not be the desired friend you wish to have but I appreciate everything about you. You’re being a good listener even to my most non sense mode. You are happy when I am happy and sad when I am. You’ve shared how beautiful you are as person and I’m very glad that somehow I am part of your lives. We have our own lives to look after so we don’t always see each other  and not talk to each other often but the special places in my heart will always be provided for you, hala pag dasok mo diri, ahahaha..

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Twenty-ninth Year of my Life

When life gets tough, it’s really tough. Obliviously, it somehow weakens the strong personality within you. Sometimes confusion drags you to madness to the point where you are left with nothing. I understand that life is what you make it galore but it seems like the world is against me. I’m not trying to sound like the foulest human on earth but somehow it’s true. However, I’ve tried to calm and collect myself especially when I’m in the hardest part of everything. But there are times that you could not help but wonder around what’s going on when you almost did everything but it seems like it’s not allowing you to get better.

Nevertheless, there are so many things I am very grateful for. I thank God for giving me another year to celebrate life, to correct my mistakes and to make more mistakes. I’m thankful for each day of my life, it maybe a great or a bad day. I also thank Him for there’s still tomorrow to catch things up. He also gave another chance to prove that I’m really sorry for everything, I’ve been so worst and yet His forgiveness reminds me of His unfathomable love. And despite of being a sinner He gave me some beautiful people in my life and I’m very happy that He allowed me to meet and to know them personally and to be a part of their lives as well. But I’ve also met some people that never really treated me right but it’s fine, it happens to everyone.

Tomorrow, is my 29th birthday, thank You Lord for this gift of life. And may we stand for whatever struggles that may come along the way and that would attempt to destroy our faith in You. And if ever we fall, may we emerge and be stronger than before. The years that passed were great, some years were difficult. However, I’m thankful for each passing years for it molded the human being I am now. I don’t know what’s in store for me now. I know that You have greater plans than I have, and I ask for Your guidance and I ask for knowledge to where is the right path that would lead me to Your plans for me, please help me to achieve Your will for me and also to fulfill the task that You are giving me.

Lord, thank You so much sa tanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

gitara ko at ako


My guitar and I have been together for a long time now and it's still working and playing for me. I have this  since I was 14 and started using it. My father bought it for me hoping that I would be interested to play and sing. He's somehow right. I play and sing every now and then. But there are times that the passion fades because I have left with no time to do it. Nevertheless, I still find time to play after my fingers had gotten a long rest. And soon my fingers hurt, it just reminds me of how long I haven't played my guitar and how I played it so often before.

This is not the most beautiful song i've recorded, i knew that. I remember I was half-sick, I was clearing my throat and I was about to cough but I tried to stop it and I was delighted that I did. I don't sing and play well and I'm not hoping for your flattering comments but rather your little time to listen or even read this, at least just for awhile.

P.S. critics are very welcome!


it's when people are thinking the other way around but my curiosity and interest has reached the top. just let me do it and let's see where this would lead me. however, i appreciate that they still consider this despite of  their big, big, big NO's.

Happy Birthday, An!

Trivia tungkol kay An:

Nagkakilala kami ni An noong lumipat ang team namin mula i1 to Skyrise1 at hanggang sa naging team mates kami, Team Cutie. Si Jaja, Ronan, William, Floi at Karen lang ‘yung matagal na kasama niya dahil hindi palang na buo ang trippers nag resign na ako sa trabaho.

Ang trip lang namin sa Mindanao ang nasamahan ko na kasama rin si An. Hanggang siya ay punta na ng ibang bansa, mas lalong hindi kami naka pagbonding ng bongga bongga. Pero masarap kasama si An,minsan lang nauubusan ng salita at hindi mahirap pakisamahan. Maasahan mo pa, hindi mo na pweding mag leader at mag organize kasi magaling siya dun. Magaling siyang mangaral, pinangaralan nga niya ‘yung dalawang guides namin sa water rafting with matching galit mode sa sobrang inis niya dahil tinaob nila ang rubber boat namin at nalunod kami, huh, hindi sila nakapagsalita at nanginginig sa takot sa mga sinabi niya, hahaha.

Nainggit ako sa kanya dahil marami siyang kapatid, I’m sure ang gulo gulo at ang saya saya nun. Mas naging intresado ako sa kanya ng malaman ko na galing siya sa probinsyang pinanggalingan din ng tatay ko.

Happy, happy birthday Ann!!! :) 

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