Tuesday, January 1, 2013

and i am soon to leave

One of my recent posts was losing my job early of September. It was a horrible part of the year, that’s why I labeled ‘crap’ for the third quarter of last year. It was no easy to think that you’ll not be doing things the way you used to. I was thinking hard where to look for another thing to survive in this world and my heart was sinking very low at the bottom. Hopeless.

Yet, faith led me to one of the good companies in Cebu. I was hired and signed the contract for five months. We are Class 6,  very 1st batch of contractual employees in the company. There are a few obnoxious stuffs being a contractual employee, I realized; and even more offensive because some were announced in the midst of our contract period, however, they apologized. But we signed the contract so no more complaints at least we're earning, I thought.

The first month was impossible. We were trained for the account, so I should be smart and active but the very good asthma intervened. But it didn’t stop me from being present everyday though even a single step is a burden. Everyone in the class witnessed my struggle. Until one day, my invincibility broke down, so I had to take myself to the hospital, and stayed there for a night. I decided to stop what I had started but Ezeee, our trainer interrupted it, he wanted me to continue, thank you anyway Ezeee, I am still here because you suggested and I couldn’t decline.

The second month was not good, I was bored. I didn’t pass the scorecard for our work performance, I was indeed the lowest of all the agents in the account, I was a freak. Third month was getting good, I worked quite hard, gained higher scores but it wasn’t enough. I’m just probably not that effective and efficient for this account and this kind of thing. Nevertheless, our Team Lead, Miss Mel, is a good person and beautiful inside and out, we’re glad to have her but I’m just exactly a bull. This might sound lame to y’all but I don’t know, I just don’t know.

We are now in our fourth month, today is actually our fourth month. Almost everyone in Class 6 is counting, that includes myself. I might not reach our fifth month, it might be certain, perhaps because I had the lowest contribution in the account.

However, Class 6 is unbelievable. I learn to like everyone of ‘em, their smiles, their frowns, their complaints, their laughters, jokes and pranks and everything we shared was exceptionally wicked. We may shared it just a few months of our lives but well I’m sure we’ll leave very good memories to each other and every memory will be posted in our hearts, for it may neither be rotten nor fade like a leaf that falls to the ground. Pardon my corny side, I will be turning this off in a little while now (laughs).

See y’all on March 1. It’s approaching and no way to stop it. It’ll tear your clothes with its long nails and crashes your body with its sharp teeth. And one day, you’ll soon rise from the ground defeated and vulnerable yet exceptionally stubborn, tough and courageous. Haha, way to go Class 6.

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