Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What's Good in the Morning?

This was asked by one of our supervisors when I wished her good morning early on Monday when she came into the office. I was talking to a colleague and unaware when she came in. The colleague I was talking to motioned to me that she just arrived. "Good Morning, Miss", I smiled as I greeted her, she smiled back to me, didn't bother to reciprocate my greeting and asked, "What's good in the morning?" I paused, composed myself and smiled and I answered, "the good in the morning is that you're still alive, have the the chance to smile like you have now." She never answered back and I went back to my station and I suppose to work but I was tempted to write this (sorry Miss, I'm using this time for my passion when I should be working, I can't help it, my fingers are so eager and the words are gushing, I can't stop it.)

I only gave her brief answer to her question yet actually there are many things that are good in the morning. Every morning you wake up is a gift, for the Lord gives us the chance to have another day. No matter how bad it was yesterday, God gives us always the chance to make another day beautiful and prolific. Some people would find that question as rude yet I'm glad she threw away a very good one. The question I often asked if someone would greet me the same way, the question I rarely hear from another people and I was delighted to hear that it's addressed to me and had answered it brightly right in front of her face and so excited to post this (though this whole thing is not interesting as it may seem but I'm happy I'm back into writing, I thought I lost it. And yow Miss, if ever you will get across this, no hard feelings okay? I really like this, thank you).

I really intended to wish her good morning because everybody deserves to have a good one, to have a good time any moment of the day. I have no idea what she's going through before I greeted her but if it's already been ruined, so, what's good in the morning, anyway?

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