Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where should you stay in Cebu???

If you are traveling for Cebu, I would say that it’s a good choice and it’s a pleasant place to stay. Cebu is one of the country’s prides. It is an island located at the center of the Philippines like a sock formed. It has many beautiful beaches and scenic spots. It has a tropical weather so people from cold countries like to visit the place. There are different races of travelers invading Cebu. In terms of transportation, you could choose different kinds of transportation suited to your budget and are not hard to find. Convenience stores too are not hard to find, just in case the malls are already close, there are some stores serve 24/7. If you’re only hearing good things about the place or have only seen the wonderful pictures, don’t you wish to witness and experience it yourself? And if you’ve decided to visit, where should you stay?

Staying in Cebu is not expensive. You could choose from the hotels and resorts which are affordable, suitable to your taste and they have very accommodating crews. It has high-story hotels which are overlooking in the city and in the sea ports. It also has resorts where you could smell the scent of the beach . Hotels and resorts in Cebu are very competitive, they are upgrading their supplies and they are complete of amenities. Aside from Cebu being fascinating and the industry being magnificent their hospitalities and warm welcomes keep you visiting back in Cebu. Cebuano folks are hospitable, polite and could understand and speak English, so if you find yourself lost in the midst of the city, ask a native and you are surely will be answered honestly.

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