Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Importance of Original Content

I presume that all writers know that every article should be made original. For many reasons, original content is the most important thing of a website. If you’re a writer and you find yourself duplicating a content from a site or duplicating an article or a photo, so you’re a plagiarist then. Is there a sense of fulfillment if your writings were copied? Do you feel satisfied and contented posting duplicated articles? It feels good to submit your own material.

There are many sites you could feed from, so duplicating a content is easy but it could lead you to serious damage like breaking of copyright laws. However, if you wish to copy, you could ask permission to the author if he would allow you to do that, or put a reference or change a text to twist the content to avoid problems soon. Search engines provide visitors to the most relevant content. They also classify the sites according to the relevance of the content you put on the site, so as much as possible keep and submit original contents that are unique, and you will obtain a higher search rank for your website. Aside from that, your article might be disregarded because the search engines could recognize duplicated contents and will only honor the original author.

Usually, readers skim through your article. As a writer, your mission is to grab the reader’s attention. By doing so, you should make your articles original. If not, readers will leave your page unfinished reading your article. They will leave as soon as they realize that they’re reading the same content of an article they just encountered from another site. So, why they should bother to read more when the information that they need have already been fed to them by another site. Your objective is to establish your site to be interesting. They are looking for more information not just another same content. So, if you think readers usually are skimming, contents should be informative, will educate them, not redundant and innovative, then your site will be successful in gaining more readers. I am a reader too so I agree that readers are always looking for something new to learn about a certain information or products. It should be incomparable and different not the same as the contents on the other websites.

Put yourself in a reader’s shoe. If you like to read an understandable articles, your readers too like to read the articles that are understandable. Complicated English words scare away readers. Your visitors are just readers who are interested in the product or industry you’re writing about. So, keeping your words simple would give you and your readers a smooth time.

Every piece of content in your article is checked for plagiarism. I was never interested in the importance of original content not until I started writing articles online. It maybe a 150-word article, it is advice to check if it’s plagiarize or not. There are websites that are design to check for plagiarism.

Before submitting, you should check for grammar and spelling as it is important too. Proofread if necessary. If you have misspelled the words and if they find your contents are grammatically incorrect, your visitors will find your site incompetent and inefficient.

Life as a writer is not easy as it may seem. People look at it as a hard skill but if you have the passion and the goal to pursue writing, keep it up but always make original contents to make your website successful.

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