Sunday, August 7, 2011

i want to be a m/billionaire???

"Contrary to the belief, money can sometimes buy happiness." I saw this quote being posted as i scrolled down on a blog that i've been following. I posted this on facebook and my friend Spidey asked me to cite an example but i asked her to do it first, so she did. "If you have a lot of money then of course you can buy whatever that makes you happy and do things you wish to do that would satisfy you", she said. "But i'll leave certain/specific things for you to think of", she added.

Very well, that is so true to most of the people, especially to me. I've seen how some people i've known improved their lives financially and in different ways and that's a good change for them. There's just one thing i'm quite concerned with and eventually i'm wondrin'. Did you know that as they live better their character too changes? A beautiful man has turned into a monster by his riches. I hope i'm wrong but i've witnessed it many times. Perhaps, they are blinded by the money dazzling on their hands. Greed took place. I'm upset and disappointed of how they became cruel and bitter. I'm thinking that perhaps they want more than what they have or the amount of their money is not enough yet or they're so afraid of getting back from having nothing, so they strive for money whatever it takes.

So if being a monster is a package of becoming rich, i 'd rather be indigent who is being leash in humility than a rich girl who praises money instead of God and lost all the real treasures in life.

I've seen how some people fight even with small amounts. I'm scared of what money can do. It could give numerous way to ruin the race of man especially now that the world is suffering from economic crisis. So indeed, money is important although there are other things that we consider the most important factors in life. Moreover, i believe it is a basic need, yes, somehow and just in case, you notice that your wealth is rising, examine yourself oftentimes, you might have became a monster without you knowing it.


  1. Thanks for the post. I had been looking for something related and found your web site in the process.I will definitely be back for more.

  2. ... money is not the root to evilness, rather the LOVE OF MONEY is the main problem why man is capable of doing the wicked things...


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