Wednesday, July 27, 2011

we're no young

i've never really witnessed how time ran so fast.. i could only remember how young the days were and so were we but time now hits real faster than before that i could not almost grasp every moment., time now is getting older and i miss the young days of my life with them. i couldn't remember everything but i like to reminisce 'em, good or bad, forgotten or not, and when almost everything was naive and the serenity therein craves to get hold of the past,. and when all i worried about was nanay's long reprimands, and how to take a nap in the afternoon when i wasn't sleepy,lol., in retrospect, i've always wanted to get old but now i knew that getting old in this crazy somehow imperfect world is quite hard. and now being surrounded with everything, your choices and decisions really matter and your own fate will depend on your actions.. botbot, hehe, nah seriously, we may not millionaires but i just admire how we grew up and how we were being brought up.

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