Thursday, July 14, 2011

it's really been awhile,

After a decade, i went back to SIPS (San Isidro Parish School), where i spent my four years in high school. As i was approaching, i didn't feel anything except that i badly needed to get my diploma (me clumsy, me lost it). But when i reached the ground of the school, hell yeah, that very ground, it felt like years were turning back when i stepped on it. i may not remember all the events that we spent there during those days but it feels like home. as i've looked around, there are changes in the school, big changes actually (glad and proud) and the smell of the air  that i breathed was very familiar and there was a pinch i felt in my heart and sadness enveloped me. I never knew i miss high school not until this morning. Marvelous! (this was taken from my journal dated may 09, 2011)

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