Sunday, June 19, 2011

midnight break

ate rubi, lylani, me and norijane

this was taken in a middle of a cold night yet you see we're very awake and was taking a break from our work. our faces looked like we had a lot of sleep but in fact we were so sleepy before leaving the production but a cup of hot coffee from a vending machine was quite a remedy.

these ladies are my first seatmates and the first group of friends i had at the ACS of the Phils. Oh yeah, i miss those faces but i'm still glad to see them every once in awhile. all three of them are smiling and they look so good, i wish i could remember why i didn't smile.

is it also Your will??

Lord, if my will is also yours, please help me to achieve it but if not just guide me to Your plans for me. thanks...

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