Saturday, May 21, 2011


in this lame afternoon
i long to watch the moon
but the sun is still bright
moon comes out at night

i'll see you moon, later
so i grab a pen and a paper
i wring my every senses here
but not even a single drop appear

my head is filthy
my brain is empty
can't think of anything to write
they're all gone in my sight

sun is almost hiding in the mountains
             of the west
moon will soon emerge in the seas
             of the east
but i'm so lost in the bewilderment
without a consignment

the sun is laughing
'cause i can't write anything
i tried to squeeze everything
but i see nothing

so i said, "how could this be?"
when it said to me,
"Get better next time, my dear"

"you're trying too hard, i fear"

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