Saturday, May 21, 2011


in this lame afternoon
i long to watch the moon
but the sun is still bright
moon comes out at night

i'll see you moon, later
so i grab a pen and a paper
i wring my every senses here
but not even a single drop appear

my head is filthy
my brain is empty
can't think of anything to write
they're all gone in my sight

sun is almost hiding in the mountains
             of the west
moon will soon emerge in the seas
             of the east
but i'm so lost in the bewilderment
without a consignment

the sun is laughing
'cause i can't write anything
i tried to squeeze everything
but i see nothing

so i said, "how could this be?"
when it said to me,
"Get better next time, my dear"

"you're trying too hard, i fear"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"it's in the blood no, one can resist"

All my life i admit that i never liked my name. No way, i'm serious. My classmates and my teachers in school used to call me by my last name and i detest it, like tubalads, tubs and tuba, grrrrrr. I don't even like mentioning it myself and i even cursed it, (yeah, i was such a bull and rude, i don't mind, haha). But as the time grew old, i learned to appreciate every letter of my name and name itself, darn. And i even appreciated it more after the family reunion we had in Moalboal Cebu last Saturday.

The sun was unselfishly giving its light and its total hotness joined us in the event. We had our first reunion and they named it Tubalado First Grand Family Reunion. They started it with a holy mass but we arrived right after the mass ended. I thought it was boring because we never had it somewhere in a beach, yet, we had an accomodating venue, in a school gym. There were a lot who haven't attended but there were many of us there too, more than i expected. There were from Iligan (very far, been there last year, glad you made it), Bacolod (a smell of sugarcane and hacienderos are running through my nostrils), Bohol (next venue of their reunion, do you like the idea?) and of course Cebu (prince, princess, king and queen city of the south). Everyone was delighted to see the faces of the relatives they recognized and more delighted to see the faces of their relatives they saw the first time (yeah, those were the faces). There were some presentations and games but i never joined them, i never did, yeah i know, i was such a bull again. Nevertheless, i had fun and i could tell that they were having fun too. They were as if they knew each other long before. I may not remember all their faces but i remember everyone could not wipe the smile painted on their faces.

Ah, if you haven't asked, we were well sponsored. Yes, we were. There were foods served right on time, there were big prizes for the games, some are taking photos, wow! And I have a tubalado shirt, i asked one from the Ilonggo guy. The stage (see the image above), yes the stage, it felt odd to see my name posted so big on, i'm just not used to see my name being treated that way, i was bothered but somehow i liked it. I don't know if i sound conceited and proud but i was just being flattered.

I have not witnessed my descendants lived but we have our family tree posted there. Somehow, i've learned where everything or everyone was rooted, who were the folks before i arrived, it feels good to be informed. It's worth and expensive being there to witness their first grand family reunion. Somehow, i felt rich after i've seen those faces, "they are my relatives, we have such blood that runs through our veins", i said (ka corny). I thought it was not interesting, i just showed up for the sake of showing up and and of course i don't want to miss the clicks of the cameras, lame right? But not until we made our separate ways, i found it EXCEPTIONAL. I figured that i showed up because as the theme says, "IT'S IN THE BLOOD NO ONE CAN RESIST", so yeah, i can't resist from not showing. I hope everybody had a great time, i'm sure you did. Thank God, it was a successful event. And facebook, don't get lost, somehow you are the means. So, let's have another stuff like this soon, then let's rock and roll. I'll see you soon then.

PS. if you find this corny, haha this is of course my corny side, silly!!!

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