Saturday, September 24, 2011

a saturday with the tripperz

it was a very sunny Saturday, we had a triple celebration. it was jaja and willam's birthday and ann's celebration of passing her exams (what exams d ei??)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Importance of Original Content

I presume that all writers know that every article should be made original. For many reasons, original content is the most important thing of a website. If you’re a writer and you find yourself duplicating a content from a site or duplicating an article or a photo, so you’re a plagiarist then. Is there a sense of fulfillment if your writings were copied? Do you feel satisfied and contented posting duplicated articles? It feels good to submit your own material.

There are many sites you could feed from, so duplicating a content is easy but it could lead you to serious damage like breaking of copyright laws. However, if you wish to copy, you could ask permission to the author if he would allow you to do that, or put a reference or change a text to twist the content to avoid problems soon. Search engines provide visitors to the most relevant content. They also classify the sites according to the relevance of the content you put on the site, so as much as possible keep and submit original contents that are unique, and you will obtain a higher search rank for your website. Aside from that, your article might be disregarded because the search engines could recognize duplicated contents and will only honor the original author.

Usually, readers skim through your article. As a writer, your mission is to grab the reader’s attention. By doing so, you should make your articles original. If not, readers will leave your page unfinished reading your article. They will leave as soon as they realize that they’re reading the same content of an article they just encountered from another site. So, why they should bother to read more when the information that they need have already been fed to them by another site. Your objective is to establish your site to be interesting. They are looking for more information not just another same content. So, if you think readers usually are skimming, contents should be informative, will educate them, not redundant and innovative, then your site will be successful in gaining more readers. I am a reader too so I agree that readers are always looking for something new to learn about a certain information or products. It should be incomparable and different not the same as the contents on the other websites.

Put yourself in a reader’s shoe. If you like to read an understandable articles, your readers too like to read the articles that are understandable. Complicated English words scare away readers. Your visitors are just readers who are interested in the product or industry you’re writing about. So, keeping your words simple would give you and your readers a smooth time.

Every piece of content in your article is checked for plagiarism. I was never interested in the importance of original content not until I started writing articles online. It maybe a 150-word article, it is advice to check if it’s plagiarize or not. There are websites that are design to check for plagiarism.

Before submitting, you should check for grammar and spelling as it is important too. Proofread if necessary. If you have misspelled the words and if they find your contents are grammatically incorrect, your visitors will find your site incompetent and inefficient.

Life as a writer is not easy as it may seem. People look at it as a hard skill but if you have the passion and the goal to pursue writing, keep it up but always make original contents to make your website successful.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where should you stay in Cebu???

If you are traveling for Cebu, I would say that it’s a good choice and it’s a pleasant place to stay. Cebu is one of the country’s prides. It is an island located at the center of the Philippines like a sock formed. It has many beautiful beaches and scenic spots. It has a tropical weather so people from cold countries like to visit the place. There are different races of travelers invading Cebu. In terms of transportation, you could choose different kinds of transportation suited to your budget and are not hard to find. Convenience stores too are not hard to find, just in case the malls are already close, there are some stores serve 24/7. If you’re only hearing good things about the place or have only seen the wonderful pictures, don’t you wish to witness and experience it yourself? And if you’ve decided to visit, where should you stay?

Staying in Cebu is not expensive. You could choose from the hotels and resorts which are affordable, suitable to your taste and they have very accommodating crews. It has high-story hotels which are overlooking in the city and in the sea ports. It also has resorts where you could smell the scent of the beach . Hotels and resorts in Cebu are very competitive, they are upgrading their supplies and they are complete of amenities. Aside from Cebu being fascinating and the industry being magnificent their hospitalities and warm welcomes keep you visiting back in Cebu. Cebuano folks are hospitable, polite and could understand and speak English, so if you find yourself lost in the midst of the city, ask a native and you are surely will be answered honestly.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

untitled 2 (pls name me)

i met you today
i love you the next day
we made love the day after
you're pregnant a month later

we lived together
bec we thought it's better
things worked so fine
until we crossed the line

you are not who you are
you make small things into a war
you're pregnant, i understand
hell i care, and up i stand

i left you crying
you let me leave w/o you prying
but my eyes dropped a single tear
so i went back and hug you my dear

Sunday, August 7, 2011

i want to be a m/billionaire???

"Contrary to the belief, money can sometimes buy happiness." I saw this quote being posted as i scrolled down on a blog that i've been following. I posted this on facebook and my friend Spidey asked me to cite an example but i asked her to do it first, so she did. "If you have a lot of money then of course you can buy whatever that makes you happy and do things you wish to do that would satisfy you", she said. "But i'll leave certain/specific things for you to think of", she added.

Very well, that is so true to most of the people, especially to me. I've seen how some people i've known improved their lives financially and in different ways and that's a good change for them. There's just one thing i'm quite concerned with and eventually i'm wondrin'. Did you know that as they live better their character too changes? A beautiful man has turned into a monster by his riches. I hope i'm wrong but i've witnessed it many times. Perhaps, they are blinded by the money dazzling on their hands. Greed took place. I'm upset and disappointed of how they became cruel and bitter. I'm thinking that perhaps they want more than what they have or the amount of their money is not enough yet or they're so afraid of getting back from having nothing, so they strive for money whatever it takes.

So if being a monster is a package of becoming rich, i 'd rather be indigent who is being leash in humility than a rich girl who praises money instead of God and lost all the real treasures in life.

I've seen how some people fight even with small amounts. I'm scared of what money can do. It could give numerous way to ruin the race of man especially now that the world is suffering from economic crisis. So indeed, money is important although there are other things that we consider the most important factors in life. Moreover, i believe it is a basic need, yes, somehow and just in case, you notice that your wealth is rising, examine yourself oftentimes, you might have became a monster without you knowing it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

ang uwan last month

sa akong pagkatulog ako nahigmata
kabugnaw sa hangin nisaka
kangitngit ba sa kalibutan
ang dag om nitabon sa kalangitan

nagsingabot na sila
nga mobasa sa yuta nga uga
mga tubig sa atup nidagayday
mga dahon sa kahoy nisarasay

mga piti sa kilat nagdahonog
ug gisundan sa kalanog sa dogdog
ang kasuko sa langit nakapalisang kanako
pero bisan pa man ana, nigawas ako ug sa uwan naligo

pero sa diha diha dayon nituang ang uwan
akong kaligo wala intawn nahuman
ug sa akong paghangad kahayag nagpakita

niuli ako sa amoa ug nag ilis nalang ko sa akong sanina

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

we're no young

i've never really witnessed how time ran so fast.. i could only remember how young the days were and so were we but time now hits real faster than before that i could not almost grasp every moment., time now is getting older and i miss the young days of my life with them. i couldn't remember everything but i like to reminisce 'em, good or bad, forgotten or not, and when almost everything was naive and the serenity therein craves to get hold of the past,. and when all i worried about was nanay's long reprimands, and how to take a nap in the afternoon when i wasn't sleepy,lol., in retrospect, i've always wanted to get old but now i knew that getting old in this crazy somehow imperfect world is quite hard. and now being surrounded with everything, your choices and decisions really matter and your own fate will depend on your actions.. botbot, hehe, nah seriously, we may not millionaires but i just admire how we grew up and how we were being brought up.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

it's really been awhile,

After a decade, i went back to SIPS (San Isidro Parish School), where i spent my four years in high school. As i was approaching, i didn't feel anything except that i badly needed to get my diploma (me clumsy, me lost it). But when i reached the ground of the school, hell yeah, that very ground, it felt like years were turning back when i stepped on it. i may not remember all the events that we spent there during those days but it feels like home. as i've looked around, there are changes in the school, big changes actually (glad and proud) and the smell of the air  that i breathed was very familiar and there was a pinch i felt in my heart and sadness enveloped me. I never knew i miss high school not until this morning. Marvelous! (this was taken from my journal dated may 09, 2011)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i've got stinky, i've got dirt but see i've learned

guada, titing and ferdie
thank you guys for your help, 'preciate it

It was 7am.The sun was dazzling and its heat stung. I found myself climbing on a stair to reach a room, it was an old office. I was going to report to my newly found job. I was excited, it's a chance for me to learn something new, a chance to experience a different task. I wanted to explore. It was indeed very different from the job i carelessly left in exchange of my exploration (stupid, i never had a second thought). The first few days were doin' fine but i could tell that i was not happy. Yes, i wasn't but i gave it a chance and in time i will, i told myself one day. Indeed, each day i gave it a chance, i never thought of being unhappy. I worked for the sake of living and i rejected the little thing that my mind and my heart was telling me: that each day was a struggle.

Time was running like a blowing wind, so fast. I didn't see any betterment, rather my situation was deteriorating. I was far from being good. I felt like a thousand years old waiting to unleash my desire to move out. So, i did it and i was very delighted.

Several months passed, i never met a job so i decided to retrieve the unhappiness, i came back after leaving (pity). Nah, i just thought that things might be different than before, so i gave it a chance again. I concentrated on my work again, i was trying to see things good even if they weren't, i did everything to like it but it was not allowing me. I was a fraud all along trying to blend in but i didn't feel like i did. It was very tough for me. Until one hot afternoon, fate found a way to dig me from being unhappy, i was being ditched. The way it did was somehow obnoxious, i felt a pang somewhere in my chest, i was destructed, i didn't know what should i do except leaving without marking my time out in the morning (clumsy). It was offensive yet i was being freed.

Nevertheless, that part of my life taught me to appreciate the every things in life, regardless of their size and weight. I learned to take each pace slowly and always be grateful. I learned to look each side of everything, that what you see is not always what it says, funny how i usually say this to some people but i just learned it.

To my colleagues who took time telling their stories to me, thank you for wasting your time with me, lol. They might appeared devastating to me but it taught me to pursue things even if pursuing is not vivid. Yet, your stories of contentment to what is given had inspired me to keep moving.

Now i'm thinking, that exploration was beyond experience. Really, i learned a lot. Life is not easy as it may seem but let's bear and deal with it. It sometimes might seemed unfair but life is still beautiful you know. We are making a history of our very own selves. We have choices. You chose what you've chosen. As the cliche that goes, "i'm a master of my own destiny", what have you become right now is your choice, not mine, not anyone else's choice and definitely not God's.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

midnight break

ate rubi, lylani, me and norijane

this was taken in a middle of a cold night yet you see we're very awake and was taking a break from our work. our faces looked like we had a lot of sleep but in fact we were so sleepy before leaving the production but a cup of hot coffee from a vending machine was quite a remedy.

these ladies are my first seatmates and the first group of friends i had at the ACS of the Phils. Oh yeah, i miss those faces but i'm still glad to see them every once in awhile. all three of them are smiling and they look so good, i wish i could remember why i didn't smile.

is it also Your will??

Lord, if my will is also yours, please help me to achieve it but if not just guide me to Your plans for me. thanks...

Saturday, May 21, 2011


in this lame afternoon
i long to watch the moon
but the sun is still bright
moon comes out at night

i'll see you moon, later
so i grab a pen and a paper
i wring my every senses here
but not even a single drop appear

my head is filthy
my brain is empty
can't think of anything to write
they're all gone in my sight

sun is almost hiding in the mountains
             of the west
moon will soon emerge in the seas
             of the east
but i'm so lost in the bewilderment
without a consignment

the sun is laughing
'cause i can't write anything
i tried to squeeze everything
but i see nothing

so i said, "how could this be?"
when it said to me,
"Get better next time, my dear"

"you're trying too hard, i fear"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"it's in the blood no, one can resist"

All my life i admit that i never liked my name. No way, i'm serious. My classmates and my teachers in school used to call me by my last name and i detest it, like tubalads, tubs and tuba, grrrrrr. I don't even like mentioning it myself and i even cursed it, (yeah, i was such a bull and rude, i don't mind, haha). But as the time grew old, i learned to appreciate every letter of my name and name itself, darn. And i even appreciated it more after the family reunion we had in Moalboal Cebu last Saturday.

The sun was unselfishly giving its light and its total hotness joined us in the event. We had our first reunion and they named it Tubalado First Grand Family Reunion. They started it with a holy mass but we arrived right after the mass ended. I thought it was boring because we never had it somewhere in a beach, yet, we had an accomodating venue, in a school gym. There were a lot who haven't attended but there were many of us there too, more than i expected. There were from Iligan (very far, been there last year, glad you made it), Bacolod (a smell of sugarcane and hacienderos are running through my nostrils), Bohol (next venue of their reunion, do you like the idea?) and of course Cebu (prince, princess, king and queen city of the south). Everyone was delighted to see the faces of the relatives they recognized and more delighted to see the faces of their relatives they saw the first time (yeah, those were the faces). There were some presentations and games but i never joined them, i never did, yeah i know, i was such a bull again. Nevertheless, i had fun and i could tell that they were having fun too. They were as if they knew each other long before. I may not remember all their faces but i remember everyone could not wipe the smile painted on their faces.

Ah, if you haven't asked, we were well sponsored. Yes, we were. There were foods served right on time, there were big prizes for the games, some are taking photos, wow! And I have a tubalado shirt, i asked one from the Ilonggo guy. The stage (see the image above), yes the stage, it felt odd to see my name posted so big on, i'm just not used to see my name being treated that way, i was bothered but somehow i liked it. I don't know if i sound conceited and proud but i was just being flattered.

I have not witnessed my descendants lived but we have our family tree posted there. Somehow, i've learned where everything or everyone was rooted, who were the folks before i arrived, it feels good to be informed. It's worth and expensive being there to witness their first grand family reunion. Somehow, i felt rich after i've seen those faces, "they are my relatives, we have such blood that runs through our veins", i said (ka corny). I thought it was not interesting, i just showed up for the sake of showing up and and of course i don't want to miss the clicks of the cameras, lame right? But not until we made our separate ways, i found it EXCEPTIONAL. I figured that i showed up because as the theme says, "IT'S IN THE BLOOD NO ONE CAN RESIST", so yeah, i can't resist from not showing. I hope everybody had a great time, i'm sure you did. Thank God, it was a successful event. And facebook, don't get lost, somehow you are the means. So, let's have another stuff like this soon, then let's rock and roll. I'll see you soon then.

PS. if you find this corny, haha this is of course my corny side, silly!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


i would like to share to you this beautiful prayer that once i received.

Dear God,

Most of us always desire a perfect situation, a perfect life. Yet, You, my lORD do not grant a perfect life. What You give instead is a perfect heart in the midst of an imperfect life. Teach me to be cheerful, hopeful, smiling amidst imperfections and to enjoy Your wondrous blessings every moment in time. Amen.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brain Twister - How Smart Are You?

1. SIPIDERN - sign of being inlove

2. HEPTTICA - called to all desperate person

3. UCESDII - wrong exit of life

4. ROIQUL - bestfriend of all broken hearted

5. EGDISURNMANSTID - no. 1 enemy of the relationship

6. OGENTU - sharpest part of the body that could hurt your heart

7. YOSENHT - lonely word

8. CAFIRESIC -  a heroic act in life

9. TONETGILG - sign of bravery and acceptance

10. SFSHESLINSE - 1 rude attitude in life and love

how many you could answer???

college dictionary

absent                              -      protest to a lousy teacher

allowance                        -      force that motivates you to go to school

pen                                 -      bestseller in the bookstore

bonus                              -      the key to pass an exam

i.d.                                  -      alternative ruler to draw straight line

late                                  -      happens when a teacher arrives earlier than expected

studying                           -      causes sleepiness faster than a sleeping pill

uniform                            -      where you wipe you wet hands after going to a washroom

clinic                                -      home of the best actors

eraser                              -      throwable weapon of an angry teacher

tomorrow                        -      deadline

You Are Who You Are...

You are who you are for a reason
You're a part of an intricate plan
You're a precious and perfect unique design
Called God's special woman or man

You look like you look for a reason
Our God made no mistake
He knit you together with in the womb
Your just what He wanted to make

The parents you had were the ones He chose
And no matter how you may feel
They were custom-designed with God's plan and mind
And they bear the Master's seal

No, that trauma you faced was not easy
And God wept that it hurt you so
But it was allowed to shape your heart
So that in His likeness you'd grow

You are who you are for a reason
You've been formed by the Master's rod
You are who you are, beloved,
Because there is God

Russell Kelfer

The Law of the Seed

Most seeds never grow. For 1 apple tree to bear 500 apples, you need 10 seeds. In life, this principle might mean you'll need to attend 20 interviews to get 1 job, talk to 50 people to sell 1 house and meet 1000 acquaintances to have 1 special person IF WE REALLY WANT TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, WE USUALLY NEED TO TRY MORE THAN ONCE. That's the law of nature. Don't take it personally. Just understand and work with it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

it's illuminating

I got this whole thing from one of the social networking sites, so in short this is not my idea but i want to share this to you because i find this interesting and i hope you will find it interesting too.

♫ ♪ ♫

Collection of favorite quotes:

Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them.
Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.
Don't let the past hold you back, you're missing the good stuff.
Don't cry over anyone who won't cry over you.

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.
When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your BEST FRIEND will be there.

Love is the one option that is always open to you.
Do all things lovingly. That is the secret to quality and excellence.
Love like there is no tomorrow, Dance like no one's watching.
While it is faith that makes all things possible, it is love that makes all things easy.
Remember, every minute spent angry is sixty seconds of happiness wasted.

Love is a deep personal thing to be enjoyed and explored ... one HAS to put the other first and choose your battles carefully ... and not argue over petty little things that will never mean anything ... no one is perfect ... but it is up to you to place them in a position of perfection in your eyes.

Sad but true ... You will know when you really love someone when you want them to be happy even if their happiness means you are not part of it.

Pain, is the weakness leaving you.

A wise person listens to other with compassion, sometimes attempts to assist others to guide themselves to truth by considering options - hopefully with an open mind. Life is short, too short to live in anger, too short to worry so much about small insignificant things. Live, learn, love, and for goodness sakes - stop thinking you are better than others.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

longest word

i used to believe that the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is the longest word in the dictionary but as i've been surfing on it says that the word below is the longest one. so there!!!


- [noo-muh-noh-uhl-truh-mahy-kruh-skop-ik-sil-i-koh-vol-key-noh-koh-nee-oh-sis, nyoo]

– noun

an obscure term ostensibly referring to a lung disease caused by silica dust, sometimes cited as one of the longest words in the English language.

Camiguin Island

karen, ako, william, jaja, floi, ann ug ronan

I was brought there because i have these friends whom they call themselves TRIPPERZ (i don't want to sound like one of 'em but i really am). They are so eager to travel and so am i, so we set a sail.

We first actually went to Cagayan de Oro City (CDO), which was our target spot because of water rafting  and some places nearby like Bukidnon, Iligan City and Lanao del Norte (the latter was not included in our destination but we showed up there for the the very outrageous Tinago Falls, i will posts these places anytime soon).

Nevertheless, i want to brag CAMIGUIN to you because you see i've been there, which was quite hard because you have to have a guide to get there and who knows the place well, you should've a place to stay and of course money. well, unless if you really are an adventurer, an explorer, a traveler or whatever you would like to call that, then you could travel alone and lonely and get lost, haha.

We're not suppose to pursue Camiguin because of the stories i heard that there were some bad experiences about the unnatural creatures or i don't know how to call 'em but despite of all those stories we sailed CDO for one of the reasons: Camiguin Island.

From CDO, we traveled for almost 4 hours to Balingoan, Misamis Oriental, this is the port to get to Mambajao, a destined port in Camiguin. We sailed more or less than an hour to get to the place.

They say that Camiguin is one of the beautiful islands in the Philippines. Yes, quite. A very small island located almost south of the country just above Misamis Oriental, far east of Siquijor and southeast of Bohol.

As i've mentioned, this is a small island, indeed it is. It's quite different from some ports because we almost docked in the mountains which is exceptional because it's my first time; i like its appearance as we were getting closer to the island.

We went to the island's cold and hot springs. Yes, there are 6 hot springs (according to a source), one of which is the Ardent spring (the only hot spring we visited, we took our lunch there) which is some meters away from Hibok-Hibok volcano, one of the active volcanoes in the country. Across the foot of the volcano nearest to the main road is the graveyard under the sea. The volcano erupted in 18th century probably and made the water raised so high and flooded the place long enough to cover the cemetery. You could actually see the large cross in the water which indicates the cemetery (this was included in the movie OUIJIA).

The picture at the top was taken in a very small land which is surrounded by water just across the island. It is called the White Sand. The sand is as fine as sugar, the water is very clear and crystal that once or more splashed on our skin, we swam through its waves, wow!!! You see the mountains right at the back, it's the island's mountains (the island is really surrounded by mountains, you should see it for yourself).

Time had ran so fast as we traveled round the island for a day but we haven't visited all its places yet it's worthy to be there for just a day.

That day was finished and we're all exhausted. The dusk had risen and we slept like we haven't slept in ages, regardless of the discomfort stories we heard. The fun, the adventures and the weariness had erased 'em all. Obliviously then, the dawn was breaking and the sun was showing. It's another day for another adventure as we sailed going back home later that night. The day before was very tiring yet we were delighted to come and see the island's beauty.

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