Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cagayan de Oro City

i remember everything. every single thing of it. it was on the 26th of November this year. it was a fine and sunny Friday morning in Cagayan River where we had our water rafting. the rubber boat flipped unannounced and i was desperate to wring our filthy guides, grrrrrrr... i'm not sure if this was the complete sequence of the flip.

i was lying on a deep wide river. i didn't hear anything except from the noise of the water that was killing me and myself saying "i'm drowning."

i was struggling in the midst of a rapid in the river. i was wearing a life vest but why can't i make myself float? i wanted to shout but there's no way i could. the water was wrapping my whole face with no possible way of breathing. i tried to open my mouth if i could breathe, but no way, i couldn't breathe. i was suffocated. i took a lot of water instead of air. i was fluttering my hands and my legs on the water as i aimed to reach my face or even my nose or my mouth in the surface of the water to catch a breath, even just a single breath but it's not allowing me. the hard flow of the water pushed me down as i wanted to make my body went up. it felt like every breath was my last breath. i don't know what was that but i remembered myself breathing so hard with no air. i was breathing up only to my throat but that was not enough and i wanted to breathe again but 'twas very impossible to catch a long one but glad i did when i was being rescued and i was craving to breathe more and more. SIGH.

that was a very nerve wracking moment of my life indeed. i felt like there's a small disconnection from the world. i thought that was the end but i prayed and hope that God will spare my life. i'm grateful that He did. woooooooooooooohhh that was so close.

to my buddies jaja and an, we shared about the same experience after the flip and i hope i conveyed it right and exactly the same as what happened to you both. i admit that i was very frustrated because that was no joke and being drowned was not funny yet i realized that at least the guides did their part to save us.

we sailed like almost 4 hours in the river, it was long. we had 21 great rapids, that was a lot i knew. the water was cold and i liked it when it splashed on my skin. we've been through a lot of shouts in the first few rapids before the flip and we're the best rafters i guess, like paddle easy and paddle hard and high five, haha. let's have more LAAG and adventures hap..,

an, jaja, floi, ronan, me and william
before the water rafting...sooo excited

one of the rapids..thrilled

high five after a rapid..we survived with one flip yet still anxious, haha

after the rafting.. EXHAUSTED (sigh)

Water rafting was one of the best experience we had although one flip was very disappointing and obnoxious yet we enjoyed and we liked everything 'bout rafting. the most talked of all the things we did in Mindanao.

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