Tuesday, November 2, 2010


i'm just quite confuse. the state says couples should use contraceptives to avoid having more children. in that way, they could give good life to them and less struggle and we don't overpopulate too. on the other hand, the church here is against contraceptives because it is said that we should multiply, let's have more kids. so which is which???
"don't deprive yourself from bearing more children." I heard this message from a priest who celebrated the mass of the wedding i attended on one of the Saturdays in October. i like that idea but considering a poor couple, how is it possible then??? would they help support the family's needs, support the kids until they could finish schooling??? (laughs). NO. i don't want to sound like i'm really in favor of the contraceptives but somehow it's needed. we can't deny the fact that lovemaking is one of the nicest thing a couple could share to each other but definitely not having more kids, it cost a lot unless u could afford to raise them up so well. so you choose for yourself now.,


  1. Well, you could multiply if you want but having a children is not merely lovemaking or etc, it is also accompanied with responsibilities that most people run from it.....
    Being happy while making a baby isn't bad enough but making the baby live as a beggar or scarce of their basic needs is the worst thing!

  2. hahahaha of course not pero kng fertile y kwenta.,u'v got a point, yeeee...but some are naive that as u'v said they run away from their responsibilities or i don't know if would call it responsibilities. ;)


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