Friday, November 12, 2010

are we done yet???

i don't know where to begin because i don't know when it started. here's the thing, i'll close my eyes now and let the memories we had play on my mind.

oh!!! now i remember.

i was hesitant to be your friend but you befriended me. i was swayed by your camaraderie. we enjoyed each others company, we laughed out loud most of the times, there were tears but rarely. we were never bored talking until dawn would slap our faces reminding that we should apart from each other to hit the hay. i remember every good and bad times we had even the lame times. i could see clearly that we had so much fun. we teased each other,  we shared secrets here and there, we talked about people behind their backs, hahahaha. there were a few times when we had some misunderstanding but we're not affected, we ignored them instead although we didn't discuss them. it's just our friendship won't allow even a single dispute to ruin it. Indeed, we became great friends.

but lately, i was flabbergasted. Everything about you were cold. i thought it's just your mood swings but i realized that it's not about your mood swings after all.. i could feel the changes, i'm open to it but it's different. i understand that you have a new group of friends, no problem with that because i could be their friend too. but i wonder what went wrong? you are not the friend i used to call friend. it's odd when i see you in the street without grabbing your full attention and dropping my grin and shouting my big "HEY".

i feel terrible that this is happening to us. i guess you have also noticed the change you had but i'm cool with that if u had chose to change that way. i just thought our friendship would last like forever but it got wasted in just a blink of an eye. i never saw this coming and i wasn't prepared. you faded fast as the lightning. =(

so there it was, i want to close my eyes still and have it continued playing but i should open it now facing the music. A part of me is crying because i'm afraid that our friendship would only last until here. well, i hope not. i hope you knew that you always have a friend in me.


  1. Touching Madeline. It hurts when a friend won't acknowledge you any longer.
    Mary Montague Sikes' blog book tour at my blog today...come on by. Nancy
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  2. ah yes, but i'll be fine soon..oh, i just posted a comment and i hope to meet u guys one day, you're interesting, every writer is interesting.

  3. losing friends is always difficult. Poignant piece.

  4. it really is lynda, i hope we could gain our friendship back..,tnx for dropping


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