Sunday, November 14, 2010

round 12 of 12

It's Sunday. People are supposed to go out today but they chose to stay home, excited to watch Manny Paquiao's fight versus Antonio Margarito, a Mexican. Almost everyone here is into boxing but not me yet I don't want to miss his every game. I watched it because i don't want being left behind by his punches or just for the sake of watching. He's after all a fellow countryman. There were some who watched it in pay per view while we watched it in a local TV station with its millions of commercials after each round. Boring. However, every fight he had was good. Round 11 this game, damn it. I was overwhelmed when he asked the referee in the middle of the fight if they could stop it. He probably sensed that Margarito was already weak yet they continued. My hat's off to you both, Manny for your empathy and Margarito for being a fighter. My heart sank everytime he's being thrown  a punch but he got me alive when he threw his strong small left fist. Sweet. But the previous fights he had were terrible. There were death/s after the game. One was heart attacked being overwhelmed by the game, the other was an argument about the game and ended being stabbed. Hopefully, that wouldn't happen again this time and in the next fights. Cross my fingers.

Very well Manny, this is another pride for the us. Congratulations Philippines. MABUHAY!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

are we done yet???

i don't know where to begin because i don't know when it started. here's the thing, i'll close my eyes now and let the memories we had play on my mind.

oh!!! now i remember.

i was hesitant to be your friend but you befriended me. i was swayed by your camaraderie. we enjoyed each others company, we laughed out loud most of the times, there were tears but rarely. we were never bored talking until dawn would slap our faces reminding that we should apart from each other to hit the hay. i remember every good and bad times we had even the lame times. i could see clearly that we had so much fun. we teased each other,  we shared secrets here and there, we talked about people behind their backs, hahahaha. there were a few times when we had some misunderstanding but we're not affected, we ignored them instead although we didn't discuss them. it's just our friendship won't allow even a single dispute to ruin it. Indeed, we became great friends.

but lately, i was flabbergasted. Everything about you were cold. i thought it's just your mood swings but i realized that it's not about your mood swings after all.. i could feel the changes, i'm open to it but it's different. i understand that you have a new group of friends, no problem with that because i could be their friend too. but i wonder what went wrong? you are not the friend i used to call friend. it's odd when i see you in the street without grabbing your full attention and dropping my grin and shouting my big "HEY".

i feel terrible that this is happening to us. i guess you have also noticed the change you had but i'm cool with that if u had chose to change that way. i just thought our friendship would last like forever but it got wasted in just a blink of an eye. i never saw this coming and i wasn't prepared. you faded fast as the lightning. =(

so there it was, i want to close my eyes still and have it continued playing but i should open it now facing the music. A part of me is crying because i'm afraid that our friendship would only last until here. well, i hope not. i hope you knew that you always have a friend in me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


the night was sleeping
while the dawn was approaching
i soaked myself on bed
"I decided", i said

my eyes were closed
i felt like i was dosed
good memories were playing
my heart was aching

i've waited for so many abandoned nights
i've seen how reality bites
you're not seeing me anymore
damn it, i miss you more

you've flown away
i can't make you stay
i've gone mad
heaven went sad

you took my heart away
when everything was bright and gay
you had left me in the middle
where i was about to settle

i'll then cut the memories
into its very pieces
throw it away in the windy air
no more TEARS, i SWEAR

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i was caught...

it was an unplanned night in one of the nights of 2010, i can't remember if the moon was there neither the stars. my friend bugged me to go with her. i declined. but her power to convince me has reached the level of my resistance. fine.

i was kind of bored at first but i met a guy. sarcastic yet i was having fun. we became friends, we enjoyed each other's company, we shared the same thoughts. sometimes, there were disagreements but we're cool. we often talked until dawn, i don't get bored. different from the other guys, very gentle, i thought. he's probably off the market.

there's this one thing that i was afraid of. i might like him and then one day, i'll wake up realizing that i'm falling in love with him. that's what i've been dreaded to happen and here i am in misery. i should've not let myself devoured every moment we spent but i liked it somehow.

we didn't see each other these past few days, i've waited, always waiting but he never showed up. so here i am alone trying to figure what went wrong. i'm almost fed up, i hate him for doing this to me but i still want to see him though. yes, i'm crazy. at least i admit it.

i thought i was invincible, such stuffs won't penetrate but it did. foolish. i could've shield hard but i was so weak to resist, hahahahaha. my stupidity counts again and again. this leads to nowhere, i knew it. i reminded myself in the first place but i chose to savour it. there were no promises or commitments but i like him, i really do. it's a very nice feeling i rarely felt.

now i knew that i'm just being swayed with the current situation. yes, i fell in love with you but you're a jerk, did you know that? you left no messages in my inbox even offline messages, is it so hard to drop by and say hi?, you could tell me what's happening, i wonder what are you trying to do. duh... nah, thanks for sharing your time with me, i appreciated it but now i detest it bastard. you left me injured, you see? naive.

i thought everything we had was real but it's just the same as the other lame situations i had with other guys. i'll stop this insanity, cut it off, cut it off.

I'd Love You To Want Me Lobo Cover

if only i'm some years older OR if only you're some years younger

You Decorated My Life Kenny Rogers Cover

larri, u really decorated my life..,

Monday, November 8, 2010

You Didn't Have To Be So Nice Lovin Spoonful Cover

i was 11years old when i learned this song, this one of the nursery rhymes in my cassette tapes my mama bought for me. i like this song and i like you too, and oh hey, will you marry me??? hahahahahah

It's Sad To Belong England Dan And John Ford Coley Cover

hey, i thought i'm just in love with the song, damn it, i'm in love with you too, hahhahahahha. could i have your shirt and your guitar and and could i have you too??? =)

Friday, November 5, 2010

real writers

hahaha, copied.

i need you now by lady antebellum

i don't know how i can do without i just need you now...

damn it, i don't want to feel this way but it's not allowing me. i want to run from it but it chases after me. this is insane, stupid and crazy. i should've not let myself savour the emotion and didn't let it penetrate. i should've stopped it before this happens although i knew that this would happen. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

but half of me disagrees. i'm enjoying every moment even the dull moments and i like its peculiarity, so rare. i feel very different. we're lunatics and i like it A LOT (laughs). so, it's true that words can't describe. i remember, i'm quite good at describing but now i flunk it, hahahahah.

i hope i'm just not swayed by how i feel right now. nah, i don't know. i just like this to get real and not just the other same old feelings. there are arguments inside me and i find it funny, thank you myself...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i'm screwed

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? there's no where to run. oh boi, i'm screwed. HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!

and it's posted everywhere, what am i gonna do???

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


i'm just quite confuse. the state says couples should use contraceptives to avoid having more children. in that way, they could give good life to them and less struggle and we don't overpopulate too. on the other hand, the church here is against contraceptives because it is said that we should multiply, let's have more kids. so which is which???
"don't deprive yourself from bearing more children." I heard this message from a priest who celebrated the mass of the wedding i attended on one of the Saturdays in October. i like that idea but considering a poor couple, how is it possible then??? would they help support the family's needs, support the kids until they could finish schooling??? (laughs). NO. i don't want to sound like i'm really in favor of the contraceptives but somehow it's needed. we can't deny the fact that lovemaking is one of the nicest thing a couple could share to each other but definitely not having more kids, it cost a lot unless u could afford to raise them up so well. so you choose for yourself now.,

Colbie Caillat - Fallin' For You

i like the lyrics a lot. i don't know where to start but all i knew now is i'm probably in love, damn it, am i? i hate to admit but yes i guess i am and it feels so right and very different. we're friends, very good friends, i don't know if we could be more than that but i hope we could. i'm crazy, he's crazy, we're both crazy yet we enjoy each other's company. but sometimes i tend to withdraw my feelings, i'm afraid to really fall in love with him. there were times that i was tempted to tell him but i can't, it's too soon to tell. gosh, i don't want to fall in love with him but 3/4 of me is so excited for him. wake me up now if i'm just dreaming, oooohhh boy...

i got blue

Madeline got Blue- The Caring Soul.
You'll go out of your way to help a stranger, and to do almost anything for a friend despite the personal cost. You need to be loved, appreciated, and accepted by others. You'll reveal your faults so others understand you more. You are easily heartbroken, but not the type to be betrayed. You always get revenge. Red souls either find you annoying, or befriend you. White souls open up to you easily. Yellow souls may disappoint you, valuing fun more than friendship. Other blue souls will care for you.

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