Friday, August 13, 2010

we strolled

 from left (ronan, me, william and jaja)

This picture was taken a few days before my birthday. They were asking if i could join them at SM Cebu after work. I was quite excited to see them again. Funny though, i remembered William had plans of what to do there but i was thinking that probably it would just like the ordinary strolls we had.

It proved me wrong then. It was very different. We ate first, took pictures here and there. We played at WOF, went singing in their videoke bar, rode bump cars, danced in the pad (dance revo), strolled and finally we ate again at Chowking.

I was like I WANT MOOOOOOOOOOOORE at the end, it was not enough yet i had a  great time with 'em.

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