Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sad and happy

sad: i found out that the guy i was interested is soon to get married.
happy: someone told me that he's a discreet gay, hahahahaha.,


  1. hehehhe..hala woi...
    unya naa na ka invitation?
    si honey myloves kaslon na sila?
    Asa man ang reception ky mamakals ta...heheheheh

  2. he's not the one that God sent for you...

  3. hahaha., dli xa wui, kw b... pero c honey myloves got married a few months ago, i was not invited, as in. chikahan ña tika sa mga panghitabo before xa gikasal, makaingon gyud ka nga dli gyud xa tarong, basta.., yeah, he's not really the that God will give me soon, i really know. anyways, thank you, so when ru coming here. i have thought of dropping in your office kay naa ko ipa burn, hihihihi., regards and God bless


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