Friday, June 18, 2010


The "yucky" words were running in my mind as i scanned the pornographic magazine handed down by a classmate but i enjoyed it. Afterwards, my eyes were really locked up in the TV screen. It was a man and a woman in their lustful desires. The moan of the woman gave me a headache but i enjoyed it.

I remember I was a second year in my college when a classmate offered me to watch a sex video. Her parents were gone for work, so we could watch it in their house. I was hesitant at first but out of curiosity I gave in.

I never had an idea that it's already a lust although I knew that it's a sin. There's always a feeling of guilt within but i also always ignore it. When I was in the midst of my lust, I was like, I could just include this sin in my confession soon, in which, I offended God more.

To lust is to bring havoc. I've seen families have been broken because of lust. Humans, the special creation of God are enjoying what's forbidden in His name. I'm scared of my sins but I'm more scared of theirs and wondrin' what God had prepared for their judgment.

I see that they have been swallowed by the big waves of lust in which it is one of the barriers from seeing God's sacrificing His only Son to save from their sins.

The more you keep away from lust, the more it comes. The more it comes, the more you fight. The more you fight, the more you struggle. The more you struggle, the more it intervenes. This is not as easy as I said it here because it's nerve wracking while you're at it.

I don't know how to end this because I'm still in my halfway reading 'not even a hint'. It's a good book. My roaming in the bookstore had paid off. I pray that this conviction will not be ignored, through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.


  1. Madeline... i am so happy that by the grace of God, you have realized the purpose of your life. Its not about us but it is all about Jesus Christ. May you be filled with grace and God's love that enables us in overcoming every temptation.

  2. garaa gyud nimu yam wui, kw b., bitaw, temptation is everywhere even in the smallest corner of our minds and i detest every single thought of that, it's quite hard yet a prayer is an invincible armor. anwz, tnku yam..,


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