Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A response to William's 'Is God Unfair?'

I am not thinking of God's being unfair or fair not even before. There are some things in life that don't happen the way we want it to. I, actually, hate the thought but probably God has a purpose and whatever it is, i am certain that it is for good. It is just that sometimes we take things obnoxiously and you think that God is forsaking you, then you start to ask Him why's and get yourself separated from God. Then you get a miserable life and blame God instead of yourself because you think He left you when in fact, you left Him first. There are even times that I think ahead of God, I worry if He will forget me and make my life worthless, when the truth is He knows and has plans better than I do. Life, sometimes stinks but a prayer, a trust, a faith and your works will help you get through no matter how bad the situation is.

I see that God had provided us everything, and it is up to us, humans, on how to use 'em through His name because in the end of man's time we'll all be gathered and be judged.

I don't know if I see what you mean or even leveled it because I knew you are molded as a Christian and probably I just got 1/4 or even lower than that of your learnings. Oh please, correct me if I'm not on the same page as you are, I would love to get corrected, you know.


  1. madz... I am so happy that you've grown by the grace of God... How great God is! There is nothing for me to correct you... Because I know and I believe that God is working in you... May you still grow in the knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ... God bless.....

  2. hahahahaha, thanks to you yam because somehow you've been a help, it never occurred to me that one day i'll be writing one like this, it's a grace then, now i feel blessed,.

  3. hay unsa pa aq mtel sa kdghn nhitabo aq amu life rn mka.ana sd q saon ta mn oi,,c god na jud plan pra na2...tnxs


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