Friday, April 23, 2010

i call it quits!!!

i don't know if you deserve to be served. all you can do is reprimand and never had once that you appreciated things. you're lucky because you've got those needy folks and they have no way to get out so they'll have to stick around and probably be your servant forever. not fair at all, but i have no grudge huh, i'm just probably so sensitive and i can't take things and be with around you even for just awhile. it's an atrocious feeling and i can't farce it. of course, i'm sorry if i've caused you some headaches but those were never an intention. i understand that probably it's just the way you are, no problem with that but i just can't stand it anymore. i wish i could also have the patience that the people you encounter everyday have. i don't know if your just using your superiority to intimidate, i don't know if i am intimidated but have you heard the word respect??? if you did, here's the thing, probably, i respect you that's why i should have to go.


  1. this was the way i felt it. there was no regret, really. prevention is better than cure.,

  2. ronan malupa enolpeApril 28, 2010 at 2:34 AM

    yes!, better quit than prolonging the agony...
    that's what i want to do...,but still... because im afraid of taking the challenges... im a negative thinking ahead before doing....

  3. nan, i never thought u would post even one here, thanks for the participation, i appreciate it.., anyways, you're still young, do the things that you like, don't waste any minute or even a second because, i know you still have a lot of things that you want to do, cge daun but of course you'll suffer whatever consequences it'll offer soon, bahala na at least somehow you manage to conquer your fear.., i would love to see you one day doing the things that you would really love to do,. you also include prayers, kkk???


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