Friday, April 23, 2010

i call it quits!!!

i don't know if you deserve to be served. all you can do is reprimand and never had once that you appreciated things. you're lucky because you've got those needy folks and they have no way to get out so they'll have to stick around and probably be your servant forever. not fair at all, but i have no grudge huh, i'm just probably so sensitive and i can't take things and be with around you even for just awhile. it's an atrocious feeling and i can't farce it. of course, i'm sorry if i've caused you some headaches but those were never an intention. i understand that probably it's just the way you are, no problem with that but i just can't stand it anymore. i wish i could also have the patience that the people you encounter everyday have. i don't know if your just using your superiority to intimidate, i don't know if i am intimidated but have you heard the word respect??? if you did, here's the thing, probably, i respect you that's why i should have to go.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


To those who have greeted i am listing your names randomly because la lang, i would like to express how thankful i am. THANK YOU!!!

Auntie Ami - the first greeting i received via facebook, it feels so good aunti that you took time to greet me in advance. thank you, thank you and thank you. i hope you are all doin' good. see you soon then.

Cherryl Galve (a.k.a. Spidey) - why can't i be generous and considerate like you?, probably because we are two different individuals but i don't know if i deserve it, do i??? you gave me goosebumps of your kindness and your surprises. your gifts (books) were so cool but wait how did you become so rich??? now, i could hardly reach you, aside from being clever, God had molded you into a good person, did you know?. you're still the same dude i met five years ago and i'm glad at it. anyway, thank you for the compliments and for believing in me, i love it but i'm not a good writer and i will never be, this blog blog thing is just somehow feeding my fantasy because i envied those great writers. yeah, i'm happy you found a new partner because he's probably nice, better than the previous one (ecompare bah??), ihihihihihihih.

■ Nory Jane Tabal- you woke me up at 2:00 am, i was like what's with the message tone, huh?? and i figured it was greeting from JAJA SOLEDAD. i was at country mall after work, did you know? but probably you were so asleep, you never showed up so i went straight home, i still have more things to do ja, it's fine coz i understand you were so tired and sleepy, no pressure. I was just looking forward for the gift, bwahahahahhaa.

■ Ma. Rubi Zuasula (aka ate rubi) - i was actually felt like crying earlier before i received your text message but after i read your message it was like my tears are bursting. naaah, i was just overwhelmed, i found it comforting and i miss you, i miss us, i miss accompanying you outside skyrise to smoke and listening to everything you would say, i wish i have a real ATE like you, i miss everyone. thank you because somehow you we're my survivor, hihihihi...

Dulce Amor Templo (aka Sweet) - i was wondrin' yesterday if you would greet me, and you did, hihihihihih, thank you. i'm hoping to talk to you more, 'bout you and dax and then laag laag, we haven't talked a lot last month, remember??? imishu sweet, i was very glad to see you. no tagay at all.

Sheryl Gabud, Niño Seno, Jennifer Datu, Donnie Maquilan, Ade Marañon and Bianca Nuñez Balo - THANK YOU, you filled up my day with more joy and gratitude, this is so great.

■ Cristy Padilla - ice cream??? that's a putrid one, hiihihihihi. hope to see you one of these days if you don't mind and let's visit our friend (you know who i'm talkin') i miss you guys.

■ Dolores Villamor and Jolly Ynot - ang abab dolor, my gulay. 'twas never an intention but i'm glad you came. Anyway, thank you guys for being a good listener. i'm enjoying every laugh and every talk we have. i hope it will last. ei jolly, i'm sorry but i like the way i spell your name this way, you can't do anything but to get mad at me for murdering your name, hihihiihhi.

■ Marie Essan Eulah Villa - so, it's also your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!, it's been probably a decade since we haven't seen each other, how are you?? are you already married?. naah, just wondrin' because of the last name your using.,

■ Rowena Sanchez - i was wondrin' who's dropping a missed call and greeted late yet i was pleased. thank you wen hap, hope to see you soon with mimi and lyde and with the rest of the guys.

■ Uncle Bongbong - yeah, i was having fun, thanks. how are you both???, i hope things are really doin' great. God bless and you take care uncle., regards ko ni Auntie Edith.

■ Marose dela Cruz - i haven't received your text message kay i'm using my smart sim. anyway, thank you for taking time, but we've crossed our ways in fb to get your greeting, hihihihhih. to repeat, yeah, i miss you and juniel and reylan and and bonnie and claudit and irene. i wish we could have spent more time together because you know makasay pd ko sa nyong tama ug tripping, thanks for the accommodation. please pass my regards to them.

■ Emeelyn Montañez - did you just throw a party for me, hala wow, i'm flattered. but have you already woke yourself up???hihihihihihhhhi, thank you bitaw dhai, i miss you, i actually miss us. i'm happy for you and hope you're happy now that you're married. take care of your family.

■ Jasmine Padere, Ronan Enolpe and William Medel - you guys haven't greeted me, why??? i hate you now. but anyway, thank you for the time last week, i was having so much fun, really. i just considered it an advance celebration for my birthday because no one of you had greeted me, it's insane but did you know that i miss us, i really do. let's have another one hap, soon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

mind your own business

i found out that there is no prosperity in minding one's own business..,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

boy meets girl

I just finished reading BOY MEETS GIRL. Joshua Harris, the author of the book vividly implies that we should trust God everything, He knew all along. Let your trust resides in his sovereignty and unfathomable love. You may sometimes think that God had overlooked on you but He has plans, greater than yours or perhaps His plan is more wonderful than anything we could create by ourselves. Just let Him do it for you, for all you know He's an intervening God, wait for God's perfect timing and don't rush ahead of Him.

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