Saturday, March 20, 2010

malata and di-malata

When i was in grade school, that was in the 5th grade probably, our teacher discussed us about the proper waste disposal like BIODEGRADABLE (malata) (e.g. papers, dry leaves), NON-BIODEGRADABLE (di malata) (e.g. plastics) and HAZARD (e.g. broken glass). Non-biodegradable should be buried on the ground because plastics could make the ozone layer's hole bigger if burned. I was wondrin' why the segregation is not really realized until now. There are only less than 1/8 of the people on earth is doing it.

Early last year, each barangay of our city had been asked to implement the proper waste segregation. In our barangay, they assigned one person to collect the waste and they assigned different days of collection for different wastes. The people, on the other hand, will prepare outside from their houses of what kind of waste will be collected on that day. I was actually always get scolded by my mama because i didn't dispose my wastes in their appropriate bin but in the long run i learned. My mama's reprimands were somehow paid off because after some months of doing it, our barangay was awarded or probably recognized as the number 1 barangay in the city that segregated very well.

In your case, is it a burden to dispose your wastes properly? Probably, it's not yet late to take some actions and do something in a little way, possibly, to nurture our earth, because this is the best place to live, no way in hell you will and you can live in other planets. Hopefully in Mars, jeez...

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  1. i never knew i've got a lot of mistakes, i messed up with my grammars..i'll be workin on 'em so soon..,


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